April 23, 2014

Are you talkin’ to me? The 30-second tool for better website copy

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Famous in your field tip: use the We We Calculator to test your website copy's "we we" score

Famous in your field tip: use the We We Calculator to test your website copy’s “we we” score

You’ve slaved over your website copy. Polished it to perfection and agonized over each word. (“Spectacular” or “stupendous”…which conveys exactly the right level of awesomeness?)

But is there a teeny, tiny chance that in your rush to present you and your business in the sparkliest spotlight possible, you overlooked something kinda big?

Like, your readers?

When you’ve got less than 8 seconds to grab attention on your website before your visitor clicks away, there’s one thing that will do the trick:

Talk about them.

Talking to your website visitor about themselves, the struggles they wrestle with (ahem, that you can solve) is the sweet sweet honey that attracts beautiful bees.

Because it can be tough to judge your own website with outsider eyes, I’ve got a killer tool that lets you know in seconds whether your website copy is seducing your readers or turning them off.

It’s the We We Calculator.

Just copy and paste the text from your webpage into the We We Calculator’s to find out your “we we” score. The calculator measures several ratios, including the number of times you talk about your customers, compared to the number of times you talk about yourself or your company. They call this your CFR or “customer focus ratio.”

“As you can see, we parse your page for self-focused words such as “I,” “we,” “our,” and your company name (which functions much like “we”), as well as for customer-focused words such as “you” and “your.” Then we calculate several ratios that indicate whether your visitors are likely to perceive you as genuinely focused on them,” says Bryan Eisenberg, one of the creators of the We We Calculator.

Makers of the We We Calculator recommend aiming for a CFR of 60 or better.

Flip that flaw

What do you do if you test your website copy and find out that your CFR is downright pitiful? Don’t fret! Make a few tweaks to see if you can flip that flaw to focus more on your customer.

Let’s say that you’ve got three statements just like this on your website homepage:

We treat every communication challenge as a business challenge. We absorb sales and marketing plans and business goals and objectives, and determine how communication can deliver against them and become a tangible business driver for our clients.

(Do you feel like you’ve been we-we’d on?) And can you guess the CFR score on that snippet?

CFR = 0.00%. Zero customer focused words

Self focus rate: 100% (3 self-focused words.)

Click! Your visitor just left the website.

But it’s not hard to flip it, so that it has the same basic message, but shifts the focus to your customer.

You’re looking for an agency that treats every communication challenge as a business challenge. You want partners who absorb sales and marketing plans and business goals and objectives and determine how communication can deliver against them and become a tangible business driver for you. That’s what we do.

BOOM! With the tiniest tweaks, the Customer Focus Score flips.

CFR = 66.7%.

Self focus rate: 33%

Your fame boosting assignment

This week, pick two webpages to run through the We We Calculator. If your score is less than 60%, zero in on the “we” and flip those flaws.

C’mon, superstar! We’re waiting for your magic. Seduce us, you sweet talker you.

One word: influencer

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Famous in your field tip: be a LinkedIn influencer

Famous in your field tip: be a LinkedIn influencer

I’ve got a way that you can be more like Richard Branson.
Steal a little bit of Mark Cuban’s thunder.
Share the spotlight with Arianna Huffington and New York Times bestselling authors like Gretchen Rubin.

Yep, you. You can be an Influencer.

LinkedIn opened its Influencer platform, giving you the chance to join the 500 or so business celebs already publishing thoughts and advice on its platform. Now, as soon as you see the little pencil icon in your status update box, you can start sharing your own insights with your LinkedIn world.

The upshot? You’ve got a powerful new way to build your professional brand.

Here’s the lowdown on how it works:

As usual, LinkedIn is rolling out its new feature in waves, so if you don’t see the little pencil icon on your Status Update field, be patient. It’s coming your way soon.

Posts that you publish on LinkedIn appear near the top of your profile. This means that anyone who views your profile gets a big dose of your brilliance.

The articles, presentations or blog posts that you publish on the influencer platform also show up on your followers’ LinkedIn feed. (Followers aren’t the same as your LinkedIn connections. They are fellow LinkedIn users who’ve opted to get your LinkedIn updates.)

Why you should publish on LinkedIn

Now, I hear some of the protests: “I already publish a blog post and distribute it to all my social media channels. Why the heck should I publish more articles on LinkedIn’s publisher platform?”

Here are three reasons:

  1. Actually, how about 259 Million? (Users, that is.)
  2. 50% of all LinkedIn users are business decision makers. While Twitter is your cocktail party and Facebook is your backyard barbecue, LinkedIn is your grown-up serious business network.
  3. Influencer posts get a lot of play, too. Listen to Darmesh Shah, founder of $50+M marketing software company Hubspot:

…there’s the sheer power and reach of the platform. When I write on my personal blog (which is reasonably popular) an article will get roughly 5,000-10,000 views. If it turns out to be popular and is widely shared on social media, that number can spike to 50,000+ views.

But let’s compare that to how my content performs on the LinkedIn platform. I’ve posted 30 articles as an Influencer. The average number of views across those articles? 123,000!

Your Fame Boosting Assignment:

Write down five topics for the influencer articles you’re going to write when you see that little pencil icon on your LinkedIn profile. Boom! Now you’re on your way to 123,000, too.

How to get more leads for your service: do this, not that

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Famous in your field tip: to attract fans, talk about the outcome or results of what you do, not the "what" or "how"

To attract fans, talk about the outcome or results of what you do, not the “what” or “how”

Even the leaders and experts at the top of their game can commit a certain marketing sin. One that repels prospects.

Talking too much about what they do. Squandering valuable website real estate on the process. Correcting prospects when they use the wrong terminology for what you do (ack, the worst!)

The result? That potential client RUNS from you.

Hey, it’s not your fault!

You are passionate about your area of expertise.  You love what you do!  You wonder how in the heck could someone NOT want a sprinkle of the magic that you’ve got?

Here’s the truth: the buzzkill happens when you focus too much on the “what” and the “how” of what you do. You spend too much time or online real estate talking about the process.

Let’s nip that client-killer in the bud right now.

What to do instead

Talk about the result or the outcome, not what you do or the process you follow. Ak yourself, what do people get from working with you, hiring you? (Hint: it’s not the service that you offer.)

Here’s a simple formula to dig down to the results or outcome.

I work with _____________ [your ideal client profile]

to ___________________ [outcome they crave]

so that ____________________ [your client's ideal situation.]

The formula in action!

A VIP List member,  Jacqueline, wrote in with a challenges she’s facing. She’s writing a book about logic. She wants to do this because she took a logic training that helped her transform her career from self-taught secretary to high level professional executive assistant. All kinds of awesome, right?

She experienced the power that learning logic has to transform someone’s performance. And she wants to share that with the world by writing a book and creating a logic course.

But Jacqueline is a smart cookie – she already realized that talking about “logic” could turn her audience off.

Face it, most people don’t want to learn logic.

It sounds boring.

It sounds hard.

They aren’t sure what “logic” is, and don’t want to appear stupid or uneducated.

Or, it sounds too simple. “Logic? Well, duh…I’m logical.”

Jacqueline knows people don’t want logic for itself. They want the outcome or the result. Here’s the idea in action:

Learning logic gives you a repeatable system to make better decisions, more quickly, so that you are more confident and don’t miss out on opportunities.

And now let’s put it into action:

[What] Learn logic

[Outcome or result] you have a repeatable system to make better decisions so that

[Benefit] you have more confidence and no missed opportunities.

Now it’s your turn.

Your Fame Boosting Assignment:

This week, take seven minutes to practice how you talk about what you do. Are you focusing too much on the what and the how?

Use the formula to get to the good stuff more quickly! You’re a miracle maker – let your future fans know it.

Boost your visibility and revenue with Google Helpouts and LiveNinja

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You, after discovering Google Helpouts and LiveNinja

You, after discovering Google Helpouts and LiveNinja

What if you could build your business and make money, just by video chatting with clients from the comfort of your own home office?

Okay, I know that all that is ALREADY possible. But honestly, there are more logistics involved than some future A Listers want to deal with.

How about if someone else took care of all the details and made it completely seamless? You just did your stellar thing, while collecting a few ducats?

(Oh, did you hear that, too? The triumphant musical crescendo signaling that you’re about to experience something mind-blowing awesome?)

Check out Google Helpouts and LiveNinja

LiveNinja and Google Helpouts are online marketplaces that let individuals and small and large businesses to buy and sell services via live video.

LiveNinja kicked off in late 2011, while Google Helpouts went public a few months ago. Both match experts with people who’ll pay to learn something, whether it’s speaking Japanese, perfecting your Paleo diet or protecting your intellectual property.

Here are some quick facts about Google Helpouts and LiveNinja:

  • On both sites, you can search for an expert, schedule a session and pay for one-on-one custom advice, all in one place.
  • Video sessions can be any length – from a few minutes to several hours.
  • All pricing is set by the expert (some offer free sessions, too.)
  • Google and LiveNinja both take 20% of the fee that providers collect.
  • Consumers can leave reviews, based on their experiences with the expert.
  • For Google Helpouts, you’ll need a Google+ account and to sign onto Google Wallet for payment.
  • LiveNinja uses Paypal. From Paypal, you can transfer the funds to your own bank account.
Famous in your field tip: Use LiveNinja to get paid for your expertise

Famous in your field tip: Use LiveNinja to get paid for your expertise

Bonus alert!

LiveNinja also lets its ninjas offer free or paid webinars and live events via the site. (No need to mess around with high cost webinar services.)

Getting started

Google Helpouts

Get Famous in your field with Google Helpouts

Get Famous in your field with Google Helpouts

1. For now, Google Helpouts is invitation-only. If you know someone who has been approved, often that person can issue an invitation to a limited number of other experts. You can ask for an invite on the Helpouts site.

2. Google Helpouts include these categories: Arts & Music, Computers & Electronics, Cooking, Education & Careers, Fashion & Beauty, Fitness & Nutrition, Health, Home & Garden, and Other.

3. You’ll have to be interviewed and pass a background check before being approved.

4. Like LiveNinja, consumers can leave reviews of the different video chat experts. Google will refund consumers who are not satisfied with their video consultation.


1. Sign up to be a ninja for free.

2. LiveNinja does not require any particular skills, certifications or degrees, however, if you receive more than one complaint from a user, LiveNinja will investigate and may suspend your account.

3. To be listed in the LiveNinja marketplace or browse page, you’ll have to have at least one paid transaction with at least a 3-star review, so line up your network to make this happen.

Your Fame Boosting Assignment:

Check out LiveNinja or Google Helpouts this week. Think of two ways you could use these services to help you promote your expertise to the world and create a new revenue stream. C’mon, strivers and stars, we’re waiting for your magic!

The secret to guest blogging that builds your fame factor in less time

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Famous in your field tip: guest blogging to "borrow" fame

Famous in your field tip: use guest blogging to “borrow” fame

One of the best ways to make a name for yourself is to “borrow” someone else’s fame.

But if JLaw isn’t offering you a part in her next movie, how are you supposed to nab a share of the spotlight?

Guest blogging, my friend. The answer is guest blogging.

Guest blogging is when you write an article or post that appears on another person or company’s blog.

Now, why in the heck would you serve up your blood, sweat and tears to give all the glory to someone else’s website?

Here’s the skinny:

The other website has an audience. Even if it’s a small audience, it’s made up of different people than those that read your blog or visit your website. So, by guest posting, you are widening your own reach and “borrowing” someone else’s fame. By having you as a guest blogger, the site is owner is saying, “Hey, trusted readers, here’s something that I think you’ll love.” Boom! Implied endorsement.

How to find guest blogging opportunities

So, if guest blogging increases your reach and reputation by letting you “borrow” someone else’s fame, how do you put it to work for you?

Well, you can spend hours each week on research. You know, Googling keywords and plowing through website after website to find the ones that are relevant.

Oh yeah, I heard what you just muttered under your breath. “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

No worries, my friends! I’ve got a cool tool for you to check out: Inkybee.com.

Inkybee is a simple, user-friendly tool to make blogger outreach easy and painless.

  • Inkybee finds relevant blogs for you.
  • Then Inkybee tells you which ones are the most influential.

Inkybee had different pricing options, but you can start a free trial to see how much value you’ll get from it before committing to a monthly subscription. (I tried it for one month and had about one hundred great results, sent directly to my inbox.)

Your Fame Boosting Assignment:

1. Sign up for a free Inkybee trial.

2. Use it to find five blogs that reach your ideal client.

3. Read 5-10 articles or posts to get a feel for the material they publish. If they have guest posting or contributor guidelines, read ‘em.

4. Pick three websites that reach your ideal audience. Following the website’s guest posting guidelines, offer to write a guest post for the site.

Now, sit back and watch your star rise!

To get big, think small

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Famous in your field tip: find your niche

Famous in your field tip: find your niche

Last week I met a business coach at a networking event. Now, a little background here: I’m a long-time teacher’s pet, so I like having answers at the ready whenever my fellow business owners have a question.

In my mind, I’m like an gunslinger in an old western:

Need a great manicurist? Pow, here’s the one!

Desperate for graphic design skills? Bang! Gotcha covered!

Which means that when I meet someone and find out what they do, I immediately called up my mental rolodex, ready to start the search for a good match to shoot their way.

“What’s your specialty? Do you coach businesses or individuals?” I asked.

Him: “I coach everyone.”

Me: “Really? Any type of business? You don’t have a specialty?”

Him: “Yes. Any type.”

Me: “Any issue or goal?”

Him: “Yep. Anything. I coach everyone.”

And that’s when the lid snapped shut on my mental rolodex. I got on my horse and rode away.

No one likes a generalist.

Think about it: do you want a generalist performing that quadruple bypass on you, or would you hold out for one of the country’s leading surgeons?

If you want to stand out in your industry, you’ve got to narrow your focus.

Develop marketing niches to target. This doesn’t mean that you can’t work with clients outside the your selected niches, but it does mean that you concentrate your marketing efforts on a particular service, client type, issue or result. You give up the undefined, scattershot approach.

Business owners frequently shun naming specific niches or specialties, fearing that it will drive away prospects who don’t fit the targeted niche, but reality is counter intuitive: when an organization or an individual becomes known as the best in class for a particular niche, it creates higher level of interest and desire among non-target profile prospects as well. Crazy, huh?

Here’s what picking a niche can do for you:

1. Sharpens your focus.

By concentrating your marketing resources on specific niches, you can spend less money reaching the specific prospects who need your services. You’ll devote your marketing time and dollars to the activities, events, and organizations that fit your niche.

2. Increases your effectiveness.

By trying to reach a narrowly defined target client, with a service or specialty just for them, your message will break through the clutter and speak directly to that person. When you target the masses as your client base, you have a hard time differentiating yourself from others in your field. When you’re considered an expert or thought leader in a particular niche, you have stronger recognition and more credibility. Clients will seek you out.

3. Increases your revenue.

People pay more for specialized information. Being considered a “specialist” in a particular client type or industry allows an individual or organization to command higher fees for the greater perceived value. Experts are sought after, they get paid more, attract more media attention and get better results for clients (which generates more referrals, too.)

Best of all, you can expand your niche strategy as your business grows. Start out targeting one or two niches that you wish to dominate, and as you achieve authority status in those, you can add new and complimentary niches.

Your Fame Boosting Assignment:

Here’s an exercise to get your brain flowing on possible niches:

On a piece of paper, make three columns.

1. In the first column, list your services. What do you do? Write legal briefs? Run social media for people? Train dogs?

2. In the middle column, think hard about your clients and prospects. What consistent problems or challenges are lots of people having that you know how to solve. List a few issues that come up over and over, and (here’s the kicker) that you ENJOY tackling.

3. In the third column, you’ll develop your special twist: what trends or new developments are emerging that affect these services or clients? If you’re the social media guru, are you genius at turning your client’s existing content into exactly the right bite size pieces for each platform?

Once you’ve developed these three lists, spend some time thinking about ways that those three items – services, problems or challenges, and trends – intersect. What niches do you see?

Pow! You’re on your way to Big Time Fame, just by thinking a little smaller!

How to become a pick up artist: craft taglines and messages that engage and convert

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Famous in your field: become a pick up artist with taglines and messages

Famous in your field: become a pick up artist with taglines and messages that grab attention

Do you have a sunburn, or are you always this hot?

Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only ten I see!

Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?

Serving up a little extra cheese today ‘cause it’s time to get your mojo on! Time to think about how you’re going to engage, entice, and attract attention so you can BAG the fame you deserve!

The only way to stand out in a crowd of business suits in a bar is to have a killer pick-up line. The same is true in business!

What’s Your Pick-up Line?

Do you have one for your brand? What about a short marketing message or story?

Headlines, subject lines, taglines – they’re all pick-up lines! The object: get an email address for your list, a date with a potential client, bag an interview with a hot magazine… in other words HOOK UP with the people who can help you get your name out there and clients in your little black book!

Size Matters

In social media your message has to be communicated in a few words or images.

Twitter: 140 characters max.

Vine:  6 seconds of video max.

Elevator pitches: usually 60 seconds long

Email subject lines: usually 50 characters or less

We live in a bullet point – sound bite – highlight reel – world. The average human’s attention span is approximately 7 seconds! So you have to laser-focus your message to grab your audience’s attention.

And frankly, we’ve been communicating with short messages since the beginning of time. Trust me, social media isn’t new!

THEN: Carrier pigeons

NOW: Twitter!

Here are 3 tips for to help you craft a fresh pick-up line!

  1. Dynamite comes in small packages – Less is definitely more. So use the fewest words possible to grab your audience.  If you had to sum up what you offer in a short, sweet sentence of no more than say 6-8 words, what would it be?
  2. 3 = 2 – When you use contractions you can get the big bang of three words for the low, low price of two. For example, instead of “it is easy”, you can say “it’s easy” and still have four words left! You’re feeling rich now, right?
  3. Reach out and touch someone – Use verbs, adjectives and adverbs! Kind of a no-brainer for a savvy pick-up artist like you but good to reiterate. Use them to create engaging (see what I did there?) taglines, headlines and brand messages.
    Example: Beguiling brand stories increase your revenue.

Here are a few more examples:

  • Accounting for your success.
  • Writing sensational SEO for Y.O.U.
  • Press releases released. Your brand: Unleashed!
  • Your brand. Your style. You’re welcome.
  • Writing done right!
  • Become a Pick-up Artist (Got your attention, right?)

Ideas and inspiration: In November 2006, Smith Magazine challenged readers to write their memoirs in six words–no more, no less. Click to see amazing examples and ideas for writing your taglines, headlines, subject lines, and pick up lines!

Your Fame Boosting Assignment:

  • Write two short titles or subject lines for your blog post, weekly email, or press release.
  • Everything else should be exactly the same – the content, offer, etc.
  • Keep track of the number of responses you get from each one to see which one was the most engaging.
  • Start a list of words, phrases, etc. that elicit the most responses from your subscriber list.
  • USE them!

3 things you MUST do to get rave reviews as a speaker

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Famous in your field: 3 ways to get rave reviews as a speaker

Famous in your field: do these 3 things to get rave reviews as a speaker

If you build it… they will care

What is the number one thing that every presentation or speech needs? An AUDIENCE.

They are there for the experience. They want to be educated, entertained and they want to participate.

The whole point of a presentation or public speaking engagement is to engage the audience by sharing your knowledge, expertise, or experience, right? But an audience member only pays attention to things they care about.

This year a study pegged the average human attention span at eight seconds, which is down from 12 seconds ten years ago. To put that into perspective, the attention span of the average goldfish is nine seconds.

So how do you grab your audience’s attention in 8 seconds? Scream? Faint? Cartwheel? Nope. You need to build a relationship with them and here are a few ways you can do just that.

1.    BYOP!

Bring your own personality!

The best way to grab their attention and begin to build a relationship with them – so they care enough to listen – is to be your authentic self. If you aren’t your whole, true, authentic self, you don’t come across as interesting, likeable, or (gasp!) fun.

Some people believe that being “professional” means that you have to be serious and somber. It doesn’t.

Being someone other than yourself doesn’t make you more professional. Every job has different standards and everyone has a different definition of what it is to be professional but there is one thing that all professionals share. They’re human. (Ever heard of a professional fish?)

Sharing whatever it is that makes you interesting and human is your advantage in public speaking or pitches to your prospective clients.

  • Relate your personal experience to your topic. I heard a presentation given by a brand strategist who loves tennis and dreams of playing in the U.S. Open. She talked about her proposed strategy by relating it to playing tennis against Serena Williams. The roomful of pharmaceutical executives were laughing and nodding their heads. It was a grand slam!
  • Tell them something about who you are outside of work. Just got back from Paris? Wish you did? Share it with them. Want to meet Chuck Norris? Already did? Tell them about it! Share your human story. It helps your audience connect to you and your message.

2.    Research!

In addition to gathering information about the organization, find out to WHOM you are speaking. (Yes, I said whom. ‘Cause I’m fancy like that.)

That mass of faces staring at you is made up of individuals. Look them up on LinkedIn. Google them. Follow them on Twitter. The interwebs are your best friend, my friend.

When you know something about a person or organization you aren’t talking to a bunch of eyeballs, you are talking to people. Do they fish? Support a charity that you support? Live near you or someone you know? Find out and Viola! You’re all people in a room together relating to each other like…people!

3.    Mingle!

Instead of showing up five minutes before you’re scheduled to speak and disappearing as soon as you’re done, try hanging out and mingling.

  • Arrive early to shake a few hands and learn a little bit about two or three people. Don’t just ask them about business. Ask them about life outside of work and get to know them as people – not just clients. Also, if there are other speakers scheduled to present before or after you, then you can listen and maybe learn a few things from them.
  • Stay late to say thanks and meet people you didn’t meet before your presentation. Get to know a few more of your audience members on a personal level.

Your Fame Boosting Assignment:

The very next time you do a presentation or speak to a group: BYOP, research and mingle! If you don’t you’ll have to fish for their attention.

Want to jump start your public speaking? Start here.

Don’t let these 3 tricks trip up your videos

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Famous in your field: 3 video mistakes to nix

Video… RULES!

Video blogs, website welcome messages, webinars.

Video IS the new black.

Don’t believe me? Check out these stats:

    • 85% of the US internet audience watch video on the internet, according to NIELSEN.
    • According to Forbes, 59% of executives would rather watch video than read text 
    • Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text (OMG! I hope you’re retaining this!!)

Video is the present and the future.

By 2016, 2/3rds of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video according to Cisco.

It is a wonderful way to get your message out to the most people who need you. Wherever they are in the world. That’s amazing power, my friend.

Video can increase your visibility, credibility, likeability and influence OR destroy them. Instantly.

Here are three common video mistakes that separate the winners from the clueless. They are SOOO easy to avoid once you know what to watch out for:

#3 MISTAKE: Relentless smiling

Should you smile? Absolutely! Should you smile constantly? Absolutely NOT!

Flash those pearly whites from time to time but please, oh please do not paste a smile on your face and leave it there the whole time. You will look fake and… creepy.

Don’t over think it. You should look at the camera the same way you would look at someone sitting across the table from you – with interest. Your audience on the other side of the lens wants to meet you or else they wouldn’t be…there!

After all, there are so many cat videos and so little time in the day. The fact that they’re joining your webcast is a HUGE indication they want what you’re sharing. Know what that means? You 1-Cats 0.

#2 MISTAKE: Swiveling, rocking, swaying to and fro…

Yep, I’ve said it before (in this post) but it’s my number one pet peeve and it is still a HUGE problem on cyber TV. So for the love of Pete, SIT STILL!

We’re creatures of habit. You may not even realize that you ALWAYS swivel when you’re sitting in your office chair talking on the phone. The stakes are higher when you’re on camera, beaming into your ideal client’s home or office, so please, please, please make sure you’re seated in a swivel-free chair when the camera is on.

#1 MISTAKE: Looking at the screen

I can hear your thoughts as you read this: “Wait! Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?”  

Uh… no! Not unless your whole computer screen is a camera. (Which it could be so in that case, keep up the good work!) BUT if you’re like most people and use the built in camera  or a web cam attached to your computer monitor, then the answer for you is NO.

You should be looking at that tiny dot (usually a little green or red light) at the top of your computer screen, or the webcam lens. It feels very odd and unnatural, I know. Especially when you’re talking one-on-one with someone like on Skype.

You can see them so you look at them but… you’re really looking at the screen. Oddly enough, in order for you to look natural – like you’re looking at the people on the other side – you have to look into that tiny, vacant lens. Check out the difference in these photos:

Famous in Your Field DON’T: looking at your screen looks weird

Famous in Your Field DO: look at your camera lens

Famous in Your Field DO: look at your camera lens

Looking into the camera lens makes the video feel natural and engaging, right?

Your Fame Boosting Assignment:

This week, record a practice video that’s two minutes or less. Don’t sweat it – this is just for fun, so that you can get rid of any wicked webcam habits. Use Google Hangouts or your own computer software. You got this!

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Famous in your field top five blog posts

High five for the top 5 blog posts of ALL TIME

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Get ready – it’s the Top 5 most popular blog posts of ALL TIME on Famous in Your Field:

1. 17 Ways to Find Speaking Opportunities

The National Speakers Association has thousands of members in its 39 chapters. But it isn’t only professional speakers who want to speak. Almost any professionals in a service-based industry know the value of taking the stage.

Whether you charge a fee for sharing your expertise or use it as a tool to move prospects closer to becoming clients, public speaking just works.

2. 5 Tactics to OWN the room

If you want to become even a little bit famous in your field, you’ve got to make an impression that sticks. How do you get attention, so that your audience wants to go on the journey with you? It’s built on confidence, creating rapport and a strong presence that commands attention.

3. Three Tips to Get More Speaking Engagements

Time to get your public speaking efforts off the ground and send it soaring to the stratosphere. Learn what you need to do to stack the odds in your favor, become a conference planner’s bestie for life, and the secret that leads to more speaking opportunities than any other tactic.

4. Be your own publicist with free media tools

Popular post features three absolutely free tools you can use to get featured in the media. Why would you want to devote potentially hours each week to this endeavor? Because publicity (being mentioned in the media) builds credibility and spreads your message to a much, much bigger audience than you could reach on your own.

5. Lessons from Lewis Howes, footballer turned million dollar entrepreneur

Lewis lives to inspire. Himself and others. Whether you want to achieve greatness on the athletic field, in business or live a sweet, globetrotting lifestyle, do what Lewis does. He’s a force to be reckoned with, but underneath all the hustle are basic principles that anyone can use – be of service to other people.

Your fame boosting assignment:

Pick one (just one!) action item from one of these posts and put it into practice NOW. Your breakout year starts today!

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