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By Lori

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Confession time. I’ve always cast a suspicious eye at the leading contender in a popularity race.

While all my elementary schoolmates had Teenbeat posters of Shaun Cassidy on their walls, I knew that Parker Stevenson was my Hardy Boy and the real brains of that mystery-solvin’ duo.

When it comes to marketing your business, I’m still bucking conventional wisdom when I make a pitch for spending time on LinkedIn over some of the other social networks.

Yes, I know there are a billion people are on Facebook! Compared to LinkedIn’s anemic 175 million, Facebook seems your best bet to gain serious brand exposure.

But are your Facebook fans actually buying your services, inviting you to speak or guest post an article?

HubSpot, a maker of inbound marketing software, did a little study in a study of the over 5,000 inbound marketers where they pitted LinkedIn against Facebook and Twitter. The results? “LinkedIn proved to be the most effective social media channel for lead generation — 277% more effective, in fact.”

LinkedIn recently increased your marketing firepower by adding Company Pages. Akin to a more static version of Facebook’s business pages, LinkedIn’s Company Pages let you share detailed information about your company, showcase its products and services and even post updates to keep your network current on the latest in your enterprise.

Here are a few ideas to amp up your Company Page on LinkedIn:

Let’s get visual

You can upload your logo and a bunch ‘o text, but if you want a really engaging Company Page, go visual. It’s no secret that social media is becoming less focused on words and more on visuals – who hasn’t noticed the increasing numbers of images in your Facebook stream? (And – ahem – have you ever heard of a little upstart called Instagram, recently snapped up by Facebook for $1 Billion dollars?)

Put a banner photo on your homepage

No worries about another item to your mile-long To Do list! Make it easy on yourself and repurpose your Facebook cover image – the image should be 646 x 220 pixels or larger.

Bonus points if you can add some text to your image that lets people know, in a flash, what you do. See how ZipCar did it? You can, too! - Zipcar's LinkedIn Company Page Banner Image








Get your products or services in the spotlight

The Company Page also lets you in showcase your products and services. On your main Company Page, there are tabs for Careers, Products & Services and Insights. Click on the Products & Services and start adding yours.

More bonus points if you use the Product and Service Spotlight. This nifty section lets you feature which three scrolling, clickable banner images (640×220 pixels) that take the visitor to specific pages on your website.

Keep it current with updates

Your company page also features a front-and-center stream of updates, similar to Facebook’s timeline. Pop in once or twice a week with an update on something fun or cool that’s happening in your business, your latest blog post, or a sizzling bit of content.

Your fame boosting assignment:

This week, visit your LinkedIn profile and show your Company Page a little love. Add a banner photo and a few products and services. Make posting regular Company Updates part of your social media and networking habits.


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