October 9, 2015

Everyone gives the same terrible advice about public speaking–ignore it and do this instead

Famous in Your Field public speaking tips

You are: a budding motivational speaker. an ambitious professional who knows that public speaking will set you apart from all those other people in your industry. a business leader who needs to inspire your team. You’ve probably taken some kind of “Introduction to Delivering Presentations” course. (Maybe more than one!) It might have been your […]

The best free publicity tool you’ve never heard of

Free Publicity - USNPL

“Roommate wanted.” I see a version of that request at least once a week on forums across the web. (And no, it’s not some Tinder-esque come on.) The “roommate” request is just a cheeky euphemism for sharing a media database. It’s something solo public relations professionals and small PR companies do, to offset the cost […]

How to get speaking engagements at associations, companies and conferences

How to speak at Associations, Companies and Conferences

Edward writes, “I have given speeches at Rotary Clubs & Kiwanis groups. I want to know how to approach associations, companies, conferences, conventions, etc. – for speaking engagements. Also, should I offer free speeches at these groups in the beginning?” Edward, thank you for asking the question! And the answer is…. Yes. Okay, let me […]

16 ways to get more of what you want


My friend Gina is not a “car chick.” Her head doesn’t turn for an Audi, Porsche or Mercedes S-class. She’s been driving the same mom-van for more than a decade. For her, cars are just a way to get from one place to another. Then last week, she floored me with this comment, “I really want a […]

Five places to find your target market


Whether you’re a consultant, public speaker, trainer, photographer or other business professional, you want to find your tribe. Your people. The ones who need the magic that you deliver. If you’ve been in business for years, you’ve got it down. You already know where those folks hang out. But when you’re starting out? Or shifting […]

Four Twitter hashtags to follow for more publicity

#journorequest tweet

When it comes to reaching journalists through social media, Twitter rules and Facebook drools. Oh, I know it sounds crazy…after all, Facebook drives 10 times the traffic of Twitter for news articles. But it’s true. “…journalists — and, quite often, the organizations that employ them — clearly prefer Twitter…. It’s true for every journalist I […]

Your 2-step hack to perform better in any situation

2 steps to improve performance

Nerves. Jitters. Complete hyperventilating freakouts? Yep, 100% totally natural. Maybe your heart pounds and your palms sweat when you speak in public. Or when you are about to ask for a promotion. And especially when you have to sell something. You are not alone. We all suffer from anxiety at times. But here’s what I […]

I used to run out of ideas, until I found this


If you’re like me, you’re constantly wracking your brain and the internet for topics for blog posts. Along with stories and trends to keep your speaking engagements fresh. Plus, you’re looking for PR opportunities based on current media topics. If that’s you, too, you’re gonna like this one, people! I’ve got a resource that puts you […]

Follow these 7 Rules to Get More Results From Public Speaking

Famous in Your Field tip: Follow these 7 rules to get more results from speaking

Too many professionals complain that they’ve given presentations in the past, but they just don’t “get anything out of it.” So they stop. Let’s end that tragedy now. Assuming you’re a good speaker and you’ve got valuable content to share, speaking and presenting is one of the best ways to grow your fame factor, spread your […]

What the Chief Beer Economist can teach you about doing your dream work

Bart Watson thinks and talks about beer all day long. Sure, so do millions of other people, but for Bart it’s more than a hobby. It’s his job. You may not have heard of him yet, but he’s definitely famous in his field. The best part for Bart? He mixed his personal passion with his […]