September 4, 2015

The best free publicity tool you’ve never heard of

Free Publicity - USNPL

“Roommate wanted.” I see a version of that request at least once a week on forums across the web. (And no, it’s not some Tinder-esque come on.) The “roommate” request is just a cheeky euphemism for sharing a media database. It’s something solo public relations professionals and small PR companies do, to offset the cost […]

Four Twitter hashtags to follow for more publicity

#journorequest tweet

When it comes to reaching journalists through social media, Twitter rules and Facebook drools. Oh, I know it sounds crazy…after all, Facebook drives 10 times the traffic of Twitter for news articles. But it’s true. “…journalists — and, quite often, the organizations that employ them — clearly prefer Twitter…. It’s true for every journalist I […]

What the Chief Beer Economist can teach you about doing your dream work

Bart Watson thinks and talks about beer all day long. Sure, so do millions of other people, but for Bart it’s more than a hobby. It’s his job. You may not have heard of him yet, but he’s definitely famous in his field. The best part for Bart? He mixed his personal passion with his […]

Three surprisingly simple ways to win hearts and minds (backed by science)

Children's secrets

Got any of these on your Life To Do List? A message to share A movement to ignite A mission to fulfill An empire to build All of these require the same thing: an audience. Call it what you want: A tribe. Advocates. Fans. Followers. Constituents. Employees. The bottom line is, you need true believers to win […]

Thinking of writing a book? Ask yourself these questions first

Will writing a book make me famous?

About that book you wrote… So maybe you haven’t written a book (yet), but you KNOW that you’ve got a book inside you, bursting to be read by the world. You are not alone. According to writer Joseph Epstein, “81 percent of Americans feel that they have a book in them — and should write […]

How to get booked as a speaker when you’re not famous (yet)

Wendy writes: I’m just now starting to look for opportunities to speak. It’s getting people to agree to have me since I’m NOT famous! Hey, Wendy, you are not alone. Getting booked as a speaker can feel as daunting as getting your first job. It’s that same conundrum: You can’t get experience until you get hired, […]

Two ways to find radio interview opportunities

RadioGuestList request

Radio? You? You bet, you. Even if you’ve got a face just made for high definition TV, darling, radio is a fantastic way to grow your fame factor. Just think about it: Learning about your expertise and message from via broadcast media is an excellent way to be discovered by potential clients and fans! Hearing your […]

One sure-fire way to boost your fame factor (that’s surprisingly easy)

Famous in Your Field tip: be a great panelist

Want to raise your profile? Build your business cred? Maybe even dip your toe into the public speaking waters? I’ve got a great way to get you noticed and ease yourself into the public speaking game. Be a panelist. Panels, in case you aren’t familiar with the term, are a small group of individuals, considered […]

The surprisingly simple secret to getting noticed

Know your character strengths with the VIA Survey

Want the secret to success and happiness? Want to know how to stand out in the crowd? (Spoiler alert: It’s a major part of becoming famous in your field.) It comes down to this: Know your strengths. Show your strengths. Believe in your value. “Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What’s a sundial in […]

These 3 simple questions will improve your outcome in any situation

Famous in your field: ask yourself these 3 questions

Lauren works in the tech sector and is launching a speaking career on the side. Her speaking topic is red hot right now, popping up in the media daily. But when Lauren speaks, she gets a lukewarm response, not the rave reviews she’d like. She knows that she’s one of the leading experts in her field, but […]