April 17, 2014

One word: influencer

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Famous in your field tip: be a LinkedIn influencer

Famous in your field tip: be a LinkedIn influencer

I’ve got a way that you can be more like Richard Branson.
Steal a little bit of Mark Cuban’s thunder.
Share the spotlight with Arianna Huffington and New York Times bestselling authors like Gretchen Rubin.

Yep, you. You can be an Influencer.

LinkedIn opened its Influencer platform, giving you the chance to join the 500 or so business celebs already publishing thoughts and advice on its platform. Now, as soon as you see the little pencil icon in your status update box, you can start sharing your own insights with your LinkedIn world.

The upshot? You’ve got a powerful new way to build your professional brand.

Here’s the lowdown on how it works:

As usual, LinkedIn is rolling out its new feature in waves, so if you don’t see the little pencil icon on your Status Update field, be patient. It’s coming your way soon.

Posts that you publish on LinkedIn appear near the top of your profile. This means that anyone who views your profile gets a big dose of your brilliance.

The articles, presentations or blog posts that you publish on the influencer platform also show up on your followers’ LinkedIn feed. (Followers aren’t the same as your LinkedIn connections. They are fellow LinkedIn users who’ve opted to get your LinkedIn updates.)

Why you should publish on LinkedIn

Now, I hear some of the protests: “I already publish a blog post and distribute it to all my social media channels. Why the heck should I publish more articles on LinkedIn’s publisher platform?”

Here are three reasons:

  1. Actually, how about 259 Million? (Users, that is.)
  2. 50% of all LinkedIn users are business decision makers. While Twitter is your cocktail party and Facebook is your backyard barbecue, LinkedIn is your grown-up serious business network.
  3. Influencer posts get a lot of play, too. Listen to Darmesh Shah, founder of $50+M marketing software company Hubspot:

…there’s the sheer power and reach of the platform. When I write on my personal blog (which is reasonably popular) an article will get roughly 5,000-10,000 views. If it turns out to be popular and is widely shared on social media, that number can spike to 50,000+ views.

But let’s compare that to how my content performs on the LinkedIn platform. I’ve posted 30 articles as an Influencer. The average number of views across those articles? 123,000!

Your Fame Boosting Assignment:

Write down five topics for the influencer articles you’re going to write when you see that little pencil icon on your LinkedIn profile. Boom! Now you’re on your way to 123,000, too.

Boost your visibility and revenue with Google Helpouts and LiveNinja

Welcome to Famous in Your Field! Here’s your free weekly tip to boost your fame factor. (Be sure to sign up in the box on the right to get on the VIP list for free tips and training, delivered straight to your inbox.) 

You, after discovering Google Helpouts and LiveNinja

You, after discovering Google Helpouts and LiveNinja

What if you could build your business and make money, just by video chatting with clients from the comfort of your own home office?

Okay, I know that all that is ALREADY possible. But honestly, there are more logistics involved than some future A Listers want to deal with.

How about if someone else took care of all the details and made it completely seamless? You just did your stellar thing, while collecting a few ducats?

(Oh, did you hear that, too? The triumphant musical crescendo signaling that you’re about to experience something mind-blowing awesome?)

Check out Google Helpouts and LiveNinja

LiveNinja and Google Helpouts are online marketplaces that let individuals and small and large businesses to buy and sell services via live video.

LiveNinja kicked off in late 2011, while Google Helpouts went public a few months ago. Both match experts with people who’ll pay to learn something, whether it’s speaking Japanese, perfecting your Paleo diet or protecting your intellectual property.

Here are some quick facts about Google Helpouts and LiveNinja:

  • On both sites, you can search for an expert, schedule a session and pay for one-on-one custom advice, all in one place.
  • Video sessions can be any length – from a few minutes to several hours.
  • All pricing is set by the expert (some offer free sessions, too.)
  • Google and LiveNinja both take 20% of the fee that providers collect.
  • Consumers can leave reviews, based on their experiences with the expert.
  • For Google Helpouts, you’ll need a Google+ account and to sign onto Google Wallet for payment.
  • LiveNinja uses Paypal. From Paypal, you can transfer the funds to your own bank account.
Famous in your field tip: Use LiveNinja to get paid for your expertise

Famous in your field tip: Use LiveNinja to get paid for your expertise

Bonus alert!

LiveNinja also lets its ninjas offer free or paid webinars and live events via the site. (No need to mess around with high cost webinar services.)

Getting started

Google Helpouts

Get Famous in your field with Google Helpouts

Get Famous in your field with Google Helpouts

1. For now, Google Helpouts is invitation-only. If you know someone who has been approved, often that person can issue an invitation to a limited number of other experts. You can ask for an invite on the Helpouts site.

2. Google Helpouts include these categories: Arts & Music, Computers & Electronics, Cooking, Education & Careers, Fashion & Beauty, Fitness & Nutrition, Health, Home & Garden, and Other.

3. You’ll have to be interviewed and pass a background check before being approved.

4. Like LiveNinja, consumers can leave reviews of the different video chat experts. Google will refund consumers who are not satisfied with their video consultation.


1. Sign up to be a ninja for free.

2. LiveNinja does not require any particular skills, certifications or degrees, however, if you receive more than one complaint from a user, LiveNinja will investigate and may suspend your account.

3. To be listed in the LiveNinja marketplace or browse page, you’ll have to have at least one paid transaction with at least a 3-star review, so line up your network to make this happen.

Your Fame Boosting Assignment:

Check out LiveNinja or Google Helpouts this week. Think of two ways you could use these services to help you promote your expertise to the world and create a new revenue stream. C’mon, strivers and stars, we’re waiting for your magic!

The secret to guest blogging that builds your fame factor in less time

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Famous in your field tip: guest blogging to "borrow" fame

Famous in your field tip: use guest blogging to “borrow” fame

One of the best ways to make a name for yourself is to “borrow” someone else’s fame.

But if JLaw isn’t offering you a part in her next movie, how are you supposed to nab a share of the spotlight?

Guest blogging, my friend. The answer is guest blogging.

Guest blogging is when you write an article or post that appears on another person or company’s blog.

Now, why in the heck would you serve up your blood, sweat and tears to give all the glory to someone else’s website?

Here’s the skinny:

The other website has an audience. Even if it’s a small audience, it’s made up of different people than those that read your blog or visit your website. So, by guest posting, you are widening your own reach and “borrowing” someone else’s fame. By having you as a guest blogger, the site is owner is saying, “Hey, trusted readers, here’s something that I think you’ll love.” Boom! Implied endorsement.

How to find guest blogging opportunities

So, if guest blogging increases your reach and reputation by letting you “borrow” someone else’s fame, how do you put it to work for you?

Well, you can spend hours each week on research. You know, Googling keywords and plowing through website after website to find the ones that are relevant.

Oh yeah, I heard what you just muttered under your breath. “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

No worries, my friends! I’ve got a cool tool for you to check out: Inkybee.com.

Inkybee is a simple, user-friendly tool to make blogger outreach easy and painless.

  • Inkybee finds relevant blogs for you.
  • Then Inkybee tells you which ones are the most influential.

Inkybee had different pricing options, but you can start a free trial to see how much value you’ll get from it before committing to a monthly subscription. (I tried it for one month and had about one hundred great results, sent directly to my inbox.)

Your Fame Boosting Assignment:

1. Sign up for a free Inkybee trial.

2. Use it to find five blogs that reach your ideal client.

3. Read 5-10 articles or posts to get a feel for the material they publish. If they have guest posting or contributor guidelines, read ‘em.

4. Pick three websites that reach your ideal audience. Following the website’s guest posting guidelines, offer to write a guest post for the site.

Now, sit back and watch your star rise!

The top 5 of ALL TIME

Welcome to Famous in Your Field! Here’s your free weekly tip to boost your fame factor. (Be sure to sign up in the box on the right to get on the VIP list for free tips and training, delivered straight to your inbox.)

Famous in your field top five blog posts

High five for the top 5 blog posts of ALL TIME

One hundred plus posts.

Whether you’re new to Famous in Your Field VIP List, or you’re just stopping by, here’s the Greatest Hits album, all wrapped up and ready to go, right here!

Get ready – it’s the Top 5 most popular blog posts of ALL TIME on Famous in Your Field:

1. 17 Ways to Find Speaking Opportunities

The National Speakers Association has thousands of members in its 39 chapters. But it isn’t only professional speakers who want to speak. Almost any professionals in a service-based industry know the value of taking the stage.

Whether you charge a fee for sharing your expertise or use it as a tool to move prospects closer to becoming clients, public speaking just works.

2. 5 Tactics to OWN the room

If you want to become even a little bit famous in your field, you’ve got to make an impression that sticks. How do you get attention, so that your audience wants to go on the journey with you? It’s built on confidence, creating rapport and a strong presence that commands attention.

3. Three Tips to Get More Speaking Engagements

Time to get your public speaking efforts off the ground and send it soaring to the stratosphere. Learn what you need to do to stack the odds in your favor, become a conference planner’s bestie for life, and the secret that leads to more speaking opportunities than any other tactic.

4. Be your own publicist with free media tools

Popular post features three absolutely free tools you can use to get featured in the media. Why would you want to devote potentially hours each week to this endeavor? Because publicity (being mentioned in the media) builds credibility and spreads your message to a much, much bigger audience than you could reach on your own.

5. Lessons from Lewis Howes, footballer turned million dollar entrepreneur

Lewis lives to inspire. Himself and others. Whether you want to achieve greatness on the athletic field, in business or live a sweet, globetrotting lifestyle, do what Lewis does. He’s a force to be reckoned with, but underneath all the hustle are basic principles that anyone can use – be of service to other people.

Your fame boosting assignment:

Pick one (just one!) action item from one of these posts and put it into practice NOW. Your breakout year starts today!

Want to jump start your public speaking? Start here.

7 quickies to get more from interviews, webinars and podcasts

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Famous in your field tip: add these items to get more from your interviews, podcasts and webinars.

You’ve been burning up the virtual air waves, spreading your message and information. How do you take that thirty minute spot and multiply it so that hundreds or thousands more can learn from you?

Sure, most people will post a link to the interview or webinar on their website, but that’s about it. Sad, when there’s so much more you can do!

Here’s how to add some jet fuel to really make that publicity opp take off.

1. Write a blog post or entry on your website about it. (Maybe add it to your As Seen In page?)

Include a short description (3 to 5 sentences) that mentions the media outlet, the topic and overview of what you delivered in the interview, podcast or webinar.

2. Create a graphic quote from you related to the topic.

Use PicMonkey, Canva or Pixler to whip up a couple of these.

Being Famous in Your Field is more about PR than PhD

Famous in Your Field tip: create your own visual quotes

3. Offer resources for more information on the topic.

  • Links to tools you mentioned in the interview
  • Related blog posts or articles
  • Books or websites

4. Create a list of takeaways or bullets covered during the interview.

What questions will be answered by listening to the interview or watching the webinar? Make ‘em juicy!

5. A link to watch or listen to the interview, with a snappy visual.

Don’t skip out on your chance to make an impact; use an image with your link.

Famous in your field interview

Click to listen to the Famous in Your Field interview

6. Twitter tweets, wrapped up and ready to go. 

Write one or two of the key insights or takeaways from your webinar/interview/podcast as ready-made tweets, so that all the reader has to do is click.

A tool like Click to Tweet makes it super easy.

7. A call to action. 

Below your image with the link to watch your webinar interview or listen to your podcast, let people know what to you want them to do next:

  • Download a PDF?
  • Buy a book?
  • Visit your website to sign up for a free consultation?

Spell it out, loud and proud.

Your fame boosting assignment:

Open the virtual vault - do you have any interviews, webinars or podcasts that you could spark up with a little PR jet fuel? Find one and add these 7 items to make it take off.

Cool tool alert: how to give webinars at no cost

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Famous in your field tip: use Google Hangouts to give webinars for free

Famous in your field tip: use Google Hangouts to give webinars for free

You’ve wanted to give a webinar. Or a series. Or a live web show. Something to get your message OUT THERE.

But signing up for GoToWebinar or WebEx feels like Vegas on your first date. It’s a bigger commitment than you’re willing to make.

I’ve got fantastic news for you – you can give webinars or live video presentations a test run without Elvis escorting you to the altar.

Best of all, this method is 100% fuh-reeee!

I know what you’re thinking, “Just what is this magical method? And will I be able to use it even if I can’t rebuild my own motherboard?”

You betcha. It’s about using Google’s free video/chat/screen sharing tool, Google Hangouts.

Not familiar with Google Hangouts yet? Get it on that train, friends. It’s a sweet, sweet ride.

With Google Hangouts, you and nine other people can hold  a video conference meeting. Hangouts works on computers, Android and Apple devices. I often use Hangouts to hold meetings with my team or with other biz owners when we’re collaborating.

Not only can you hold a video conference meeting (with you and nine other peeps), you can also broadcast your video to an unlimited number of viewers. Best of all, your viewers don’t have to have any special software to watch.

Here’s how to use Google Hangouts to deliver your advice and information for free:

As the webinar leader or presenter, you will need a Google + profile to use Google Hangouts.

(Don’t have a Google + profile yet? Here’s a good step-by-step guide to creating one.)

How to start broadcasting using Google Hangouts

Here are Google’s official instructions from it’s Get started with Hangouts page, with a few modifications from me.

To start broadcasting:

  1. Visit plus.google.com/hangouts
  2. Click Start a Hangout On Air.
  3. Give your broadcast a name and invite the people you want to join. [You have to invite someone, so try a friend or colleague who'll be interested in your topic.]
  4. Click Start Hangout On Air.
  5. Once  you’re ready to go live, click Start broadcast at the top of the screen.

Once you click Start broadcast, you’re officially “On Air” and the public will be able to watch your live broadcast.

On the left side of the screen, there’s a button to share your screen if you’ve got a slide show presentation.

Or, you can just talk to the camera!

You could use Google Hangouts on Air for interviews, Q & A sessions, conferences, webinars, demonstrations, live readings, concerts…

But what about my legions of fans who want to experience my content and aren’t on Google +? How do they watch me?

Here’s where you can get a little fancy and make your Google Hangout On Air available to anyone you invite.

Instead of sending your audience to the Google Hangouts On Air page or your YouTube channel to watch the broadcast, you can grab the YouTube code and embed it on a private page or blog post on your own website.

Then, send the page link to everyone you’re inviting to watch. Post it on social media. Hire skywriters. Send carrier pigeons.

Your fame boosting assignment:

This week, give Google Hangouts a whirl. Hangout with a friend, a colleague or your grandma. Once you’ve run through the basics, pick a date and start promoting your official premier broadcast event. Your fans are waiting.

How to make a big impact (without a blockbuster budget)

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Looking for a way to breakthrough the noise as the hot new thang on the scene? Here’s a bit of advice that bucks conventional wisdom.

To make a big splash, go small.

That means instead of trying to become the known as the blockbuster business coach for ALL BUSINESS, you pick one industry to dominate like a boss.

Stress management expert? Drill into one profession and make your name there as the go-to person for long lasting relief.

Narrowing your focus will make you stand out more easily, superstar.

Tools of the Trade

One of my favorites industry-dominating tools is trade magazines.

A trade magazine is a publication used to target a specific industry, profession, trade or business. Titles like American Salon, Massage Therapy Journal, American Executive, and Inside Tucson Business are  a laser, direct to your target market.

Two benefits of publishing in trade magazines:

  • Easier to reach your target audience. Getting your tips printed in Real Simple magazine might be a PR coup and a smashing ego booster, but (*gasp*) it may not drive droves of traffic to your website and set your phone a ring a dingin’.

    That’s because people read consumer magazines for fun. To escape.

    People read trade magazines to keep up with the latest trends in their industry. To do their jobs better.

  • Trade magazine readers are a highly targeted audience of people already keenly interested in that topic. It’s a niche, baby.
So, through trade magazines you can reach people who actually want, need and can purchase your products and services…does it get any better?
Yes. Yes, it does.
Unlike consumer or general interest magazines that have staff writers, trade pubs also often use industry leaders and professionals to provide content for the publications. Things like:
  • Industry news
  • Case studies
  • Surveys
  • Research
  • Opinion
  • Feature articles
  • Trends
  • New or proposed laws
  • New equipment, tools or practices

Enter Webwire.com

WebWire.com is a press release distribution service with a supercool hidden treasure in its midst: lists and lists of industry publications at http://www.webwire.com/IndustryList.asp.

Click on the little + next to an industry to see publication listing.

Famous in your field: find a list of publications in your industry.

Boom! Now, you’ve got a list of publications to research to publish articles and advice.

Bonus idea: if your work can help across a number of industries, you can use trade magazines, too. Got career coaching tips? Leadership development expertise? Social media savvy? Almost any industry or professional group could use your wisdom.

(In fact, it may be even more effective marketing for your business than other more high profile activities. You’ll have that extra dollop of credibility with prospective clients because you appeared in their industry publication. Implied endorsement.)

Your fame boosting assignment:

Cruise over to Webwire’s industry list and find five publications where you could contribute your brilliance. Visit the publication websites to read the types of content they publish and if it’s a fit, reach out! I can’t wait to see your name in the credits!

5 Twitter handles to follow for PR Opportunities

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Psst, follow these 5 Twitter handles for publicity opportunities

Psst, follow these 5 Twitter handles for publicity opportunities

How would you like a ‘heads up’ when a reporter or blogger is looking for an expert like you to quote in an upcoming story?

Or maybe you want a chance to build your PR street-cred with journalists by recommending other industry leaders or experts for a story. (That’s a smart move that’ll pay off in future ink for you.)

Tons of journalists and bloggers use Twitter to find experts or “man on the street” commenters for their stories. Why? Twitter is fast-moving and forces brevity. (Journalists are often on tight deadlines and hate long-winded or off-topic responses swamping their email inbox.)

Here are five Twitter handles you can follow to find publicity opportunities:


The Twitter feed of AP Planner, a list of more than 35,000 future events. Journalists and newsrooms use this digital calendar to know what’s going over the next 12 months, so that they can cover events and plan news stories.

When you see mention of a news conference, award ceremony, financial announcement, legislative activity or other event that relates to your topic, send a quick (and short) email to your local news reporters, offering yourself as a resource. (Or, tweet them!)


A new Twitter application created by Journalistics that enables any Twitter user to tweet a request for expert suggestions to the ExpertTweet community.

See requests at ExpertTweet.com or search the hashtag #et. When one strikes you, tweet that reporter or blogger.

4 Twitter handles to follow for publicity


Follow the twitter handle of hugely popular journalist/blogger and source matching site, HelpAReporter.com. On the website, you can sign up for a daily email blast of journalists, bloggers and other content creators who are looking for experts for their stories.

Urgent requests (those with a super short deadline to respond) are posted on HARO’s twitter feed @HelpaReporter. You can also search the Twitter hashtag, #URGHARO.


@ProfNet is the Twitter handle of ProfNet.com, an online expert source for reporters. It’s a subscription service, meaning that experts pay to be listed in ProfNet’s searchable database. (It’s a division of news release distribution giant, PRNewswire.)

@ProfNet, one of four Twitter handles to follow for publicity


PRLeads.com is another subscription leads service, similar to @ProfNet. Subscribe, set up your profile, scan the Twitter feed and respond to requests that meet your expertise.

Your Fame Boosting Assignment:

Get over to Twitter and start following these publicity sources. When you see a request that fits, jump on it super quick! Soon that spotlight’ll be shining right on you, super star.

Get famous on LinkedIn – trending in your network

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Just like any other social network, there’s a lot of noise on LinkedIn. So, how do you make your juicy nuggets stand out?

Get ‘em trending.

Twitter started the trending craze, and now LinkedIn has added its own Trending features.

It’s that old gawker syndrome. When we see that other people are talking about something, we want to be in on the party, too, no matter what it is (Hey, Sharknado, amiright?)

Here’s a way to boost your fame factor - steal some of that hot action by making your own article trend on LinkedIn.

Start here —>LinkedIn Today. 

LinkedIn Today is where you can find the hottest articles that have been shared by LinkedIn users. When you first hit the page, you’ll see the top three article that LinkedIn recommends for you, based on your profile and network. Here’s mine for today:

LinkedIn Today is this biz network’s front page.

Each person’s LinkedIn Today page can be customized to display the Influencer articles and network updates they’ve chosen.

LinkedIn has a feature called “Trending in Your Network.” It highlights articles that are being shared by multiple people in your network at the same time.

Follow these tips and you just might get your name on the same platform with Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington and of course, LinkedIn’s CEO Jeff Weiner.

  • Did you just pen something business brilliant? Were you or your company featured in an article? Pick 10-15 people in your network and ask them to share the article on LinkedIn at the same time.
  • Because the “trending” designation is determined by a super secret algorithm, there’s no standard recipe to follow. However, it’s most effective if the people sharing the article overlap in connections.
  • Tap the connections closest to you – your coworkers, staff and colleagues – first. You’re more likely to have multiple connections with the same prospects and clients.

Get over there and start making headlines on LinkedIn, superstar.

3 unconventional famous in your field lessons from Gabrielle Bernstein

Welcome to Famous in Your Field! Here’s your free weekly tip to boost your fame factor. (Be sure to sign up in the box on the right to get on the VIP list for free tips and training, delivered straight to your inbox.)

My interview & cover article on next gen guru, Gabrielle Bernstein – you could learn a lot from this angel

You could really hate Gabrielle Bernstein. Only 33 years old and she’s already published three books, including a New York Times bestseller. She’s been featured in more media outlets than you can count, including a multipage spreads in BusinessWeek and the New York Times Sunday Style Section.

Then there’s Oprah.

A few months ago, the Queen of All Media interviewed Bernstein for an hour on her show, Super Soul Sunday, anointing her a “next generation thought leader.”

But if you focused on the envy and excuses (“I don’t have a background in PR. I don’t live in New York.) you’d be overlooking the Big Business lessons Gabrielle Bernstein has for you.

Here are three:

1. You don’t have to create a new recipe, just add new ingredients (nod to Derek Halpern for that catchphrase.)

Namely, you. And your own brand of swagga.

Too many wanna be famous-in-your-fielders get stuck thinking that what they know is “obvious” or “just common sense” and not something others would pay for. Or that they need to learn more or create a process or dream an idea that’s entirely original to be fame-worthy.

That’s a big fat lie. And Gabby can prove it.

Bernstein didn’t create the core curriculum that she teaches in her courses and talks about in her lectures. And she isn’t even the first well-known spiritual leader to bring those exact concepts – A Course in Miracles – to the masses. (Wait, it gets even better – although she’s world famous for it, Marianne Williamson didn’t create ACIM either. But she did do something remarkable and valuable: she made it accessible to the masses through her books, talks and recordings.)

Gabrielle takes the ideas from A Course in Miracles and teaches them to her specific tribe in their language, so that they can improve their lives.

2. Be unapologetic.

About your message. About why your ideas, experience and expertise will help people and maybe even revolutionize your industry.

“I believe wholeheartedly and unapologetically that the message has to be spread far and wide.”

This bred-in-the-bones belief lets Gabby be shameless in promoting herself. She has utter confidence that her teachings help improve people’s lives.

Here’s the genius behind being unapologetic about your message or methodology: when you take the focus off promoting yourself and put it squarely  on what you’re teaching (the problem you solve), it becomes so much easier to grow an audience of fans.

Best of all, exercising your big belief in what you’re doing pays off in greenbacks, too. Bloomberg Businessweek quotes women’s business expert, Tory Johnson,

“Gabby is a hustler. She doesn’t sit back waiting for the world to discover her brilliance. Many of her competitors are more modest—and their bank accounts are leaner for it.”

Don’t wait for the world to discover your brilliance. Get out there and spread your message.

3. Bust those traditional business models. 

One more limiting factor in the leaders and experts world? Relying on traditional business models. I call it the “that’s how you have to do it” trap – proposals, charging by the hour, project-based, one-on-one services, etc. But you can absolutely break free and craft a bold new model.

Bernstein has so many streams of income, she can hardly keep track of them all.

Here’s a survey of what I found:

  • Books
  • Workbooks
  • Speaking
  • Yoga classes
  • Group coaching
  • Meditation albums
  • Lecture videos and audios
  • Audio courses
  • Video courses
  • iPhone apps

Be like Gabby! Go multimedia and multiple streams of income. Pick one new method and add it to what you’re currently doing.

Your Fame Boosting Assignment:

This week, practice being unapologetic. When people ask what you do, tell them. Tell them what you’re passionate about and how you want to shake things up, for your clients or in your industry. You’ll be amazed at the reaction you get.