February 9, 2016

One amazing new resource to find conferences for speaking gigs


One of the most common questions I get on this site is, “How do I find places to speak?” It isn’t often that an entirely new resource comes to my attention and makes me want to fangirl like I’m front row at a Beyonce concert. This might be one of those times. And I think […]

Podcasts: Boost your fame factor in 30 minutes (without spending a dime)

Boost your fame factor with podcast interviews

Want to stand out? Of course you do. When you stand out, more opportunities come your way. Clients, investors and followers come to you, rather than you having to chase them. You have more status and recognition in your industry. When it comes to standing out, there are hundreds of things you could do. From buying magazine […]

Keep Track of the Hottest News in Your Industry

Man standing over cityscape, arms spread

You’ve heard the advice that if you want to be tops in your field, you’re supposed to keep close tabs on everything that’s happening. But, honestly, who has the time to surf the web all day, bouncing from blog to news site and back again? There’s a shortcut that you can use to be “in […]

How to Create Instant Credibility on Your Website

Grab attention in 9 seconds with an As Seen In box

When someone lands on your website to check out your business and services, how much time do you have to grab their attention and position yourself as the “go to” expert in your field? Not much, you say. How about 9 seconds? Scary, right? At the Content Marketing World conference, the uber-smart Sally Hogshead (yes […]

Niches: The Magic of Thinking Small

Last week I met a business coach at a networking event. As we started chatting, I immediately called up my mental rolodex, ready to start the search for a good match. “What’s your specialty? Do you coach businesses or individuals?” I asked. Him: “I coach everyone.” Me: “Really? Any type of business? You don’t have […]

11 ways to get more results from speaking

Famous in Your Field tips: get interviewed on the radio

Speaking and presenting are super effective ways to bring business in the door. (Skeptical? For all the reasons speaking can ramp up ROI, check out my three part series on speaking engagements.) Done right, you’ll put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into a presentation. There’s the pitching, the planning, the rehearsal, the travel, […]

Publicity is your aircraft; marketing is your jet fuel

Publicity is your aircraft, marketing is your jetfuel

CONGRATULATIONS! You were just quoted in The New York Times/O Magazine/Wall Street Journal/Inc (insert your scream-worthy publication here.) Now what? You might have been expecting that interview to open up the floodgates for your business, but then…crickets, baby. Nada. (Sure, your mom saw it and she’s telling all her friends, but where are the clients?) […]

Share Your Brilliance with Slideshare

There’s a valuable online tool that can build your reputation and boost your fame factor. Best of all, it’s easy to use, versatile and completely free. I’ll bet you’ve got content – items like powerpoint/keynote presentations, articles and graphics that would interest and amaze your ideal client – if only they knew about it. Deep […]

The best free publicity tool you’ve never heard of

Free Publicity - USNPL

“Roommate wanted.” I see a version of that request at least once a week on forums across the web. (And no, it’s not some Tinder-esque come on.) The “roommate” request is just a cheeky euphemism for sharing a media database. It’s something solo public relations professionals and small PR companies do, to offset the cost […]

The Case for Content Marketing for Professional Service Firms

There’s a new-ish movement in the marketing world. For the last decade or so, savvy businesses – especially those selling expertise, advice and non-commodity type products have turned away from old school advertising and promotion to creating content that sells without being “sales-y.” So what is content? Here’s a definition, from the people who ought […]