How to get more leads for your service: do this, not that.

By Lori

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Famous in your field tip: to attract fans, talk about the outcome or results of what you do, not the "what" or "how"

To attract fans, talk about the outcome or results of what you do, not the “what” or “how”

Even the leaders and experts at the top of their game can commit a certain marketing sin. One that repels prospects.

Talking too much about what they do. Squandering valuable website real estate on the process. Correcting prospects when they use the wrong terminology for what you do (ack, the worst!)

The result? That potential client RUNS from you.

Hey, it’s not your fault!

You are passionate about your area of expertise.  You love what you do!  You wonder how in the heck could someone NOT want a sprinkle of the magic that you’ve got?

Here’s the truth: the buzzkill happens when you focus too much on the “what” and the “how” of what you do. You spend too much time or online real estate talking about the process.

Let’s nip that client-killer in the bud right now.

What to do instead

Talk about the result or the outcome, not what you do or the process you follow. Ak yourself, what do people get from working with you, hiring you? (Hint: it’s not the service that you offer.)

Here’s a simple formula to dig down to the results or outcome.

I work with _____________ [your ideal client profile]

to ___________________ [outcome they crave]

so that ____________________ [your client’s ideal situation.]

The formula in action!

A VIP List member,  Jacqueline, wrote in with a challenges she’s facing. She’s writing a book about logic. She wants to do this because she took a logic training that helped her transform her career from self-taught secretary to high level professional executive assistant. All kinds of awesome, right?

She experienced the power that learning logic has to transform someone’s performance. And she wants to share that with the world by writing a book and creating a logic course.

But Jacqueline is a smart cookie – she already realized that talking about “logic” could turn her audience off.

Face it, most people don’t want to learn logic.

It sounds boring.

It sounds hard.

They aren’t sure what “logic” is, and don’t want to appear stupid or uneducated.

Or, it sounds too simple. “Logic? Well, duh…I’m logical.”

Jacqueline knows people don’t want logic for itself. They want the outcome or the result. Here’s the idea in action:

Learning logic gives you a repeatable system to make better decisions, more quickly, so that you are more confident and don’t miss out on opportunities.

And now let’s put it into action:

[What] Learn logic

[Outcome or result] you have a repeatable system to make better decisions so that

[Benefit] you have more confidence and no missed opportunities.

Now it’s your turn.

Your Fame Boosting Assignment:

This week, take seven minutes to practice how you talk about what you do. Are you focusing too much on the what and the how?

Use the formula to get to the good stuff more quickly! You’re a miracle maker – let your future fans know it.

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