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By Lori

Wondering how other people in your field get quoted in the media? Tired of seeing names that aren’t yours being featured as “experts” in your industry? Dying for the opportunity to share your best tips and advice with people who could use it?

You’re in luck. There’s a fabulous free resource that connects experts like you (c’mon, almost everybody is an expert on something) with reporters and bloggers who are desperately seeking your insight and advice. (Actually there are several, I’ll focus on just one for this post.)

It’s Reporter Connection, a free daily email service that “connects busy journalists with experts available for media interviews.”

After you sign up with your name and email address, you’ll receive a daily email with media opportunities. Steve and Bill Harrison, founders of Reporter Connection, explain how it works:

When an expert sees a listing they wish to respond to, they simply click the link at the bottom of the listing in our newsletter and go to a reply form on our website where they answer the reporter’s questions and hit submit.

Once they do, their reply is instantly emailed to the reporter who’ll get in touch with them directly if they’re interested in interviewing the expert.

A few helpful hints:

  • Respond quickly! If you see a query that would be a great fit for your expertise and your business, jump on it! Reporters are perpetually under deadline pressure. If you wait a few days, your wisdom will be buried in a flood of responses, never to see the light of publication.
  • Follow directions. If the reporter or blogger asks you to give your best advice for hiring a new employee in 500 characters or less, don’t pen a page and a half of brilliant insights – it’ll be deleted. Immediately. Give exactly what’s asked for and if appropriate, include a link or two for additional information.
  • Stay on topic. Don’t respond to the query by proposing a different story. Reporters hate it.

So what are you waiting for? Jump over to Reporter Connection and sign up! Start scoring yourself some web ink that’ll catapult you to business fame.

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