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As much as we all love the magic of marketing online, sometimes being there live is a much more powerful way of raising your profile.

Enter! is an online directory of conferences, events and speakers. You can sign in with your Twitter or LinkedIn profile and see events your contacts are attending or speaking at, submit events, and create a speaker profile.

There are more than 25,000 events in more than 100 countries listed on the site.

Once you sign in, Lanyrd shows you a bevy of events you might want to check out:

Famous in Your Field tip: use Lanyrd to find conferences and events for networking and speaking.

You can customize the topics you want to track: is an online conference directory, great for business professionals and speakers.

Here are six fame-boosting ways to use

1. Sign up for weekly emails to learn about new events. Customize your event recommendations by location and topic.

2. Find events where you can mix and mingle with your ideal clients.

3. Comb upcoming conferences and submit yourself as a speaker.
(Note, for some of these high profile events, you’ll be submitting yourself to speak at next year’s event.)

4. Create your own speaker profile and upload presentations slides of previous talks.

5. Follow speakers who target the same audience as you and check out where they’ve spoken. Now you’ve got a target list to pitch yourself!

6. Add your own events!

Your Fame Boosting Assignment:

This week, sign up for and bring your brilliance to a bigger audience. Go. The world is waiting for you.

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