How to get people to buy from you: 26 motivators

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Famous in your field tip: focus on your clients' top motivators

Famous in your field tip: focus on your clients’ top motivators“So, what do you do?”

How you answer that question might depend on where you are and who’s asking it. If you’re at a cocktail party, go ahead and tell your conversation partner that you’re a coach, a consultant, a chiropractor, a cobbler.

But don’t stop there. Especially when you’re in a conversation with a potential client or referrer.

After you tell them what you do (in easy-to-understand terms, please!), tell them the results people get from working with you.

Here’s a juicy tip: describe the results in terms of what motivates your customers to buy from you.

If you want to move people to action (and to spend money), you have to tap into the desires that motivate us as human beings.

You want motivation? Here are 26 reasons that people buy:

1) To make money
2) To save money
3) To save time
4) To avoid effort

5) To get more comfort
6) To achieve greater cleanliness
7) To attain fuller health
8) To escape physical pain
9) To gain praise
10) To be popular
11) To attract the opposite sex
12) To conserve possessions
13) To increase enjoyment
14) To gratify curiosity
15) To protect family
16) To be in style
17) To have or hold possessions
18) To satisfy appetite
19) To emulate others
20) To avoid trouble
21) To avoid criticism
22) To be individual
23) To protect reputation
24) To take advantage of opportunities
25) To have safety
26) To make work easier

The top four are typically the strongest motivators.

Those are the ones that you should tap into when you talk about the results you deliver with your services. (But only if they’re relevant to your business. Otherwise, pick the motivators that make sense – if you’re a dating coach, then number 11 is all you, baby!)

Let’s look at how you can position your services to fulfill one or more of these motivators:

  • If you’re a human resources consultant, you don’t just provide human resources services, you deliver cost savings through innovative benefit plans.
  • Your clients make more money because you create a happier, healthier workforce for them.
  • Your clients save time because you are an experienced expert in your field and can find and deliver the best programs and new recruits, while they focus on their money making activities.
  • Your clients avoid effort because you do it for them, better and in less time than they could.

Your fame boosting assignment:

Work those motivators!

This week, take 15 minutes to really think about the products and services you offer and the results that clients get from them.

Position the results in terms of motivators. Then, give your website, marketing materials and elevator speech a “motivation makeover.”

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