February 6, 2016

How to score publicity with LinkedIn

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Get Famous in Your Field using LinkedIn to connect with reporters

More journalists are on LinkedIn than any other social network.

In fact, 92% of all journalists are on LinkedIn. They’ve joined in droves over the last four years. Wanna know why?

It makes their job easier.

LinkedIn provides an quick way for reporters to connect with sources, says Mike Neumeier, principal of business-to-business public relations and digital marketing firm, Arketi Group.

“Almost all journalists—99 percent—get story ideas from industry sources, and social media makes it easy for them to track sources down. When journalists can’t get through to a source, 85 percent turn to industry experts—who are easy to find on LinkedIn.”

Here’s the best part – you can be that source or industry expert! But – and this is big – first, you have to connect with the journalist and make him or her believe that you’re credible.

Jump start your visibility with this Famous in Your Field tip on using LinkedIn to find reporters, journalists, bloggers and writers in your local area or industry.

1. Pop over to your LinkedIn account.
2. From the ‘home screen,’ look at the upper right section of the screen. Find the text link labeled ‘Advanced’ and click it.
3. On the next screen, you’ll see plenty of advanced search fields and check boxes. Make sure that you’re in the tab labeled ‘Advanced People’ Search.
4. In the ‘title’ field, enter terms like ‘journalist,’ ‘reporter,’  ‘writer’ or ‘blogger.’ This searches for all the members who have one of these terms listed at their occupation on LinkedIn.
(Be sure to select ‘current’ from the pull down menu directly below the ‘Title’ field to limit your search to people who are reporters and journalists now, not at an earlier point in their career.)

Bonus search tips:

  • You can limit your search to a geographic area by entering your postal code in the search screen and selecting a mileage radius.
  • Find reporters, journalists and bloggers in your specific niche by selecting one or more industries in the Advanced Search feature.

Wash, rinse, repeat

Try different combinations of search terms, check boxes and options to uncover all the potential media pros in LinkedIn.

Ready, set, relationships!

Now that you’ve got a name and a profile, it’s time to start building a relationship. A note of caution: before you reach out with an invite to connect, spend some time thinking about how you can provide value to that journalist. Can you offer information or resources? Do you share any groups where you can demonstrate your helpfulness and knowledge? Give, give and give some more before you ask.

Remember that you’re in it for the long haul. Your goal is to create a lifetime relationship, not be blocked because of a sleazy premature pitch.

Your fame boosting assignment:

This week, spend 15 minutes finding journalists, reporters, writers and bloggers on LinkedIn. Then, pick 5 and start building your relationships. You’ll be primed and ready for your close up when the media spotlight hits.


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  1. Hi Lori,
    LinkedIn is a fantastic resource! I think many people use it for networking within their industry. However, sometimes looking outside (at journalists and other people who may be helpful to you) is really the key.

  2. Wow! Amazing how to for LinkedIn. I never thought to connect with journalists on LinkedIn. I can’t wait to get started using this strategy. Thanks!

  3. This is on my to-do list, for sure. Thanks for sharing this tip. I would never have know to do this!

  4. Ready-set-relationships – this is crucial if one is to be seen as a professional. Great advice, and thanks for the tutorial on how to find media on LinkedIn! Too easy!

  5. Lori, excellent tip on connecting to sources for publicity! I love your step by step instructions and sense of humor you bring to your writing, too. It makes me want to actually tackle this next step for my own business!

  6. Hi Lori, you rock. LinkedIn completely intimidates and overwhelms me but here, you’ve given me a step-by-step process regarding something that I’ve never thought about before. I always assumed that LinkedIn was about posting your resume but never thought of it as a tool to position yourself as an expert in your field – therefore making you “Famous in your Field.” This was super helpful. Thanks! Janet

  7. Killer tip, Lori! I never would have thought of LinkedIn as a platform on which to meet reporters, journalists and the like. I especially appreciate your word of caution: “before you reach out with an invite to connect, spend some time thinking about how you can provide value to that journalist.” So important!

    • Yes, Nancy! Our goal should be to build a long-term relationship with journalists (and bloggers), not make them block our contact attempts.

  8. Lori – this is amazing! It’s a keeper! I had no idea about using LinkedIn in this way!

    I’m going to add it to my article marketing/blogging strategy from now on…

    Thanks so much!

  9. Awesome Lori. I love this. I so want to do this right now, but don’t want to add to my overwhelm. A definite project for over the holidays. Thank you.

  10. Thank you for the great tip! This advice is so valuable!


  1. BizSugar.com says:

    How to score publicity with LinkedIn…

    Jump start your visibility with this Famous in Your Field tip on using LinkedIn to find reporters, journalists, bloggers and writers in your local area or industry. 92% of all journalists are on LinkedIn. Why? Because it makes their job easier….

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