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By Lori

Famous in Your Field tip: be your own publicist with Linkedin Company Status UpdatesHave you ever noticed how some celebrities seem to blast from virtual obscurity straight to media darling overnight?

Suddenly that celeb’s mug is on all the magazine covers you scan in line at the grocery store, he or she’s a guest on every morning talk show and they’re in two of the top grossing movies this week.

How does this happen? Not by accident! Celebrities have publicists – people whose job is to get media coverage, to make the celebrity “seen” as much as possible.

You can leverage similar 24x7x365 visibility with online tools to broadcast interesting and fun stuff that’s happening in your business.

Instead of only speaking one-on-one at networking events or through referrals, hundreds or thousands of people will see your business’s web ink. It’s like having your very own publicist.

This week, I’ve got a hot tip to promote your business that just happens to be completely free.

A few months ago Linkedin added a new feature: company status updates.

Just like Facebook, you can now post a short and timely blurb (500 characters long) to let the 225+ million-strong LinkedIn crowd know what’s new with your company.

Your followers will see these updates and can comment, share or “like’ them, which is then visible to your follower’s entire network.

Won an award? Mentioned in the press? Released a new product? Let your fans know about it! You can also post YouTube videos that play right in LinkedIn.

Famous in Your Field on LinkedIn: Company Status Updates

Get Famous in Your Field on LinkedIn: Use Company Status Updates

Protip #1: Be sure to include an image in your company status update. Images (photos, charts, infographics) are eye candy – they take up more space in the news feed and demand attention. LinkedIn says that images “generally result in a 98% higher comment rate.”

Protip #2: Use a snappy headline and a compelling intro for your status update. You want to grab eyeballs, not start a snooze fest.

To stack the cool even more, LinkedIn tracks the stats on each of your updates so that you can see how many people saw it, commented, liked, etc. And then you can use that intel to give your fans more of what they want!

Your fame boosting assignment:

Hop over to LinkedIn right now and post a status update for your company. Let your light shine, superstar!

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