Do you own your name on Google?

By Lori

If you’re like me, you’re kind of a cyber stalker. You meet someone new; you Google their name to see what they’ve done, what connections and common touch points you might have. (No? Just me?)

When it comes to your own name, do you know what other people see?  Go ahead. Google your name right now. I’ll wait.

And for the Big Question: do you dominate the Top Ten? Each Google search returns ten results per page – if you want to be famous in your field, you gotta own the first page. (Multiple pages are even better!)

When potential partners, clients or influential contacts search for you, it’s important that they find you at the top.

Owning all ten search results is an indicator that you and your business are legit. That you’ve been around. That you’ll continue to be around. That you’re out there, making things happen (publishing, speaking, being involved in organizations, being mentioned in the media and the like.)

The same is true for your business name. Your name and your business name are your brands, the mental real estate that you own in other people’s minds.

As long as they can find you.

Putting my own company name to the test, I’m delighted to own the top search result for the phrase ‘Famous in Your Field’ with my website.

Let’s look at the numbers:

#1 is my website.

Famous in your field tip: own Google's front page

Famous in your field tip: own Google’s front page

#2 is my LinkedIn Company Page. (Maybe time to give that a little more love!)

#3 is a presentation I did with Famous in Your Field in the title. (Happy dance.) I also have several other mentions in the top ten search results list.

Wait a minute! Ouch, #6 is not me! A book published in 2003, called Get Slightly Famous: Become a Celebrity in Your Field is disrupting my Google page domination. (Note to self: must publish a book to take advantage of Amazon’s monstrous Google-juice.)

And if your Google results are a little sparser than you’d like, here are a few ways that you can beef them up:

  • Grab your name and your business name on all the major social media sites. High traffic sites like LinkedIn will often be the first or second search result for a person’s name.
  • Buy your own name as a domain. (You can always redirect it to your business website, if that has a different name.)
  • Get listed in professional directories or resource sites. Associations and Chambers of Commerce often allow members to post business profiles.
  • Upload presentations, article, white papers and the like to sites like, and
  • Guest post on other websites. This is a great way to grab more Google real estate, while sharing your expertise with a new audience.
  • Personal web page services like are an easy way to boost your Google domination.

Your fame boosting assignment:

Google your name and your business name. Like what you see? If not, get busy beefing up your listings!

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