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By Lori

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Famous in your field tip: use the Hemingway App for clear, bold writing.

Famous in your field tip: use the Hemingway App for clear, bold writing.

A few months after I had started at my last corporate job, my boss asked me to write his “President’s Message” for the company newsletter. Someone else usually did it, but he was looking for fresh ideas.

I wove a long and clever message using allusion to make insightful points about the company’s mission and how it would revolutionize our industry.

He read the draft.

I eagerly anticipated his reaction, expecting glowing praise. I knew it wasn’t his usual style, but I still thought it was pretty good stuff.

He walked into my office and here’s the first thing he said to me, “I don’t know if you’ve had any formal writing training but this sucks.”

No exaggeration. He actually said, “this sucks.” (This guy wasn’t known as a tactful communicator.)

Was my ego crushed? Hell yes! I was incensed that a guy who’d never strung more than three sentences together in his life told me, someone who’s published articles galore, that my writing “sucked.”

But here’s the thing. He was right.

Not that it sucked. It didn’t.

But still, it was completely and utterly wrong.

The president’s message was supposed to be a bold, clear call to action for the company. Not clever, overblown prose, clearly impressed by its own literary wit.

Whether you’re writing articles for the company newsletter, website copy, blog posts or a sales page, your writing must be bold and clear.

Today, I’ve got a tool that will save you from writing that sucks. This absolutely free site will help you cut the fluff and communicate clearly with your reader.

It’s the Hemingway App.

The Hemingway App is a tool that rates the readability of your text. Readability refers to the grade level required to understand it. (Hint: lower is better!)

Here’s how it works:

It uses color-coding to highlight different issues that make your copy less clear or convincing to your readers. Hard-to-read sentences, adverbs, complex phrases and passive voice are all called out, with suggestions for fixing the problems.

I love that the Hemingway app nixes those $2 words people use in a mistaken attempt to seem smarter. Or more professional. (Buh-bye “utilize”…you gotta go.)

Your fame boosting assignment:

What are you waiting for? Get started! Grab a piece of your writing and paste the copy into the Hemingway App page. Then click the “Edit” button.

Boom! You’ve got suggestions galore to amp up your work and made it more powerful.

Your message is important – shine your best light on it to get your fans to take notice.


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