Speak your way to fame in 90 days

(without spending thousands on speakers bureaus or PR agencies)

Public speaking is an asset that will last
you 50 or 60 years...if you have it.
To jump out from the pack, speak.

Warren Buffett, billionaire investor/philanthropist

Are you struggling with:

  • -How to get known
    -How to grow your platform
    -How to get clients to hire you without chasing them
    -How to grow your client base
    -How to get your message heard by more people

    You are not alone.

    All us with a business or a message want to stand out, be heard and have people flocking to us. Think about it - if only more potential clients and followers knew about you, you'd be able to increase your reach and your income. 

    Speaking is the most powerful brand builder you can put into action.

    It boosts your reach, your reputation and your revenue like nothing else. At Famous in Your Field, we work one on one with professionals to build powerful brands and grow their business through speaking, publishing and publicity. But I know that not everyone can invest in their own Fame Agent. However, you can still harness the power of speaking to grow your business and spread your message. I've got the resources you need to find speaking opportunities and keep them flowing your way!

  • avatar Rasheda Kamaria Speaker and Founder, Empowered Flower Girl

    Each time I do one of your assignments, something great happens!!

  • Diane Norris Certified Life Coach & Speaker

    Thank you soooo much, Lori. This information was extremely helpful. Definitely worth the cost. 

Take A Glimpse Inside the Program

4 Powerful Resources + 1 Fantastic Bonus for $197

Getting your speaking program off the ground is easier than you think, but it does require some planning. And usually, tons of research!

With the Start Speaking Now resource pack, you'll get access to speaking opportunities, done for you. No more wasting time, wondering where to begin finding speaking opportunities (should I be on Twitter? What about Facebook? Instagram? Pinterest?) Instead, you can jump ahead to snagging those speaking opportunites!

With the Start Speaking Now resource pack, you'll be on your way to wowing audiences everywhere. 

Check out what's inside:
  1. 20 Ways to Find Speaking Opportunities Guide.

    This handy pdf is jam-packed with resources to find speaking opportunities. With 44 links directly to websites, this guide will get you unstuck, keep you going and give you fresh new ideas. 
  2. List of 150+ business conferences.

    You could spend close to 50 hours if you tried to createthis list from scratch. That's a huge chunk of time you'd rather spend getting the gigs, righ? 

    Features: name of conference, host organization, event dates, event location, website, 

    While this list doesn't cover every single business conference, believe me, it's a huge time and money saver. Instead of spending up to 50 hours researching, you can spend a fraction of that time actually getting speaking opportunities!
  3. List of 8000+ associations and organizations.

    Got a topic that an entire industry needs to hear? Associations are fertile ground for speaking opportunities. With more than 8000 listed, alsong with their websites, you'll have enough leads to keep you on the speaking platforme for the next decade. 
  4. Worksheets and checklists

    Who loves checklists? Everybody!

    These  worksheets will walk you through some of the most important steps in building your speaking empire. 
  5. BONUS RESOURCE: 30 minute strategy call

    Stuck on how to get started speaking? Want help figuring out what's working, what's not working and where small tweaks can create big results? I'm here!

    Together on this 30 minute call, we'll map out your speaking plan to bring you a steady flow of speaking opportunities. Plus, the call will be recorded and sent to you as an MP3 file, so that you can refer back whenever you want. 

About the Creator

Lori Nash Byron is the founder of Famous in Your Field, where professionals, speakers, authors, coaches and business owners like you become stars in their industry

For more than 20 years I've worked with business owners and professionals to grow their business and stand out as the "go to" person in their industry by booking speaking engagements, publishing articles, getting media coverage and reaching #1 on Google


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