February 8, 2016

Everyone gives the same terrible advice about public speaking–ignore it and do this instead

Famous in Your Field public speaking tips

You are: a budding motivational speaker. an ambitious professional who knows that public speaking will set you apart from all those other people in your industry. a business leader who needs to inspire your team. You’ve probably taken some kind of “Introduction to Delivering Presentations” course. (Maybe more than one!) It might have been your […]

11 ways to get more results from speaking

Famous in Your Field tips: get interviewed on the radio

Speaking and presenting are super effective ways to bring business in the door. (Skeptical? For all the reasons speaking can ramp up ROI, check out my three part series on speaking engagements.) Done right, you’ll put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into a presentation. There’s the pitching, the planning, the rehearsal, the travel, […]

How to get speaking engagements at associations, companies and conferences

How to speak at Associations, Companies and Conferences

Edward writes, “I have given speeches at Rotary Clubs & Kiwanis groups. I want to know how to approach associations, companies, conferences, conventions, etc. – for speaking engagements. Also, should I offer free speeches at these groups in the beginning?” Edward, thank you for asking the question! And the answer is…. Yes. Okay, let me […]

Power Up Your Marketing, Part 3 (The Speaking Series)

Hello and welcome back for Part 3 of The Speaking Series. In part 1, I laid out the reasons why speaking is such a powerful way to market yourself as a consultant, and the business building benefits of speaking programs for professional service firms. Part 2 was the proof – I shared results from three […]

Power Up Your Marketing, Part 2 (The Speaking Series)

Welcome back! In a previous post, I laid out the case for using speaking as a core element of your fame campaign. Nothing works like speaking for increasing your reach, influence, reputation and building an expert position. (You can read a quick overview of why speaking is so effective in Part 1.) In this post, […]

Power Up Your Marketing: Speak

Want to know the single most effective practice to become famous in your field? It’s not the newest social media tool. It’s good old-fashioned public speaking. Here’s why this centuries-old tool carries so much power today. The value of public speaking for professionals With speaking, you advance your firm’s reach, reputation and increase your profit. […]

Follow these 7 Rules to Get More Results From Public Speaking

Famous in Your Field tip: Follow these 7 rules to get more results from speaking

Too many professionals complain that they’ve given presentations in the past, but they just don’t “get anything out of it.” So they stop. Let’s end that tragedy now. Assuming you’re a good speaker and you’ve got valuable content to share, speaking and presenting is one of the best ways to grow your fame factor, spread your […]

The Public Speaker/Presenter’s Costly Mistake

There you are, about to give your killer presentation to room that’s just packed with your ideal clients. You mentally push down the butterflies rippling through your stomach and try to walk calmly up and down the aisles while you pass out the slide handouts for the presentation you’re about to deliver. The attendees immediately […]

5 ways to use LinkedIn to get more speaking opportunities


LinkedIn just doesn’t get enough love. As a social media tool, it’s so different from the web’s prom queens, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, that people tend to ignore it. But that’s a mistake. Google your own name and see what shows up. I predict that your LinkedIn profile is one of the top five (usually […]

How to get booked as a speaker when you’re not famous (yet)

Wendy writes: I’m just now starting to look for opportunities to speak. It’s getting people to agree to have me since I’m NOT famous! Hey, Wendy, you are not alone. Getting booked as a speaker can feel as daunting as getting your first job. It’s that same conundrum: You can’t get experience until you get hired, […]