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What happens when you become Famous in Your Field?

For experts and companies smart companies who want to stand out in the crowd, to position yourself as an expert and maximize your visibility, credibility, and marketing leverage.

You’ve got great ideas. A killer service, an amazing company. You’re out to shake up your industry. But when it comes to being known as the leader and expert in your industry – and carrying out the consistent marketing tasks to make it happen – you’re stuck in overwhelm, wondering where you’ll find the time or even how to get started.

The whole point of thought leadership is to resonate on a deep level with your audience, and do it consistently. That takes focus, time, and commitment to make it happen.

That’s where we can help.

Let’s make you famous!

★ Famous in Your Field Agency Services

At Famous in Your Field, we work with companies and professionals who want to raise their profile and position them as industry leaders through content, publishing, speaking and media mentions.
Our services start at $2000 per month, with a minimum three-month engagement.

Not quite ready for your own fame agency? Relax, we’ve got you covered with a quick and easy do-it-yourself fame booster, the 30 Days to Fame Playbook.

 30 Days to Fame Digital Program – Download

30 Days to Fame Playbook

30 Days to Fame Playbook

Program overview:

Delivered in a fun and friendly PDF playbook, the 30 Days to Fame home study program will walk you step-by-step through the marketing and PR elements you need to become a business superstar or make the professionals in your company famous in their field.

Lessons are simple activities that take only 10 to 30 minutes to put into action.

Over 100 pages! Includes 30 daily action plans, plus Bonus Guides and checklists.

Program investment: $97

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You’ll speed your way through these topics:

  • Creating your fame foundation (establishing your vision, your biggest goals)
  • Uncover your X-Factor (your credibility factors, results and benefits, your ideal clients)
  • Start speaking (find organizations, events, speaker marketing materials, submitting abstracts, pitches)
  • Get published (how-to specifics)
  • Grow your reputation with publicity (media outlets, interviews, bio, expert topics, easy DIY PR tools)
  • Boosting business box office (getting results from your efforts, systematizing your marketing, where to find inexpensive resources)

Program investment: $97

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*Includes lifetime access to the training program, as well as all future updates.