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In the age of Google, being known as the go-to person in your industry is essential.

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Famous in Your Field works with entrepreneurs, professionals and smart companies to build powerful brands, attract more business and position themselves as experts in their industries.

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Tired of being a best-kept secret? Wish you could break out of the commodity trap? Want more clients to seek you out? Here’s the answer: become Famous in Your Field. No, not like a celebrity on the cover of US Weekly – instead you’ll be recognized as a leader and expert in your area of business.



Sometimes you just want a head start. (Who doesn’t?) Stop mucking around, trying to figure it all out yourself. It’s time to turn your signature into an autograph! Jump on these fame boosting tools, and accelerate your business, STAT.



Looking for a speaker who can captivate your audience with proven methods for standing out from the crowd? Be the hero of your event by booking Famous in Your Field founder Lori Nash Byron to speak – she delivers the goods with humor and heart.

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