Hey there smart and savvy biz owner! You’ve heard the advice that to been seen as a leader and expert in your industry, you should generate media coverage for yourself and your business, right?

It’s true. Publicity is powerful stuff. Experts typically peg the value of media coverage at 5-7 times  the equivalent amount of advertising.

So what’s stopping you from grabbing your fair share of online and old-school ink?

Sometimes it’s just not easy to see the forest for the trees. You’re deep in the trenches in your business or your practice every day, so you don’t notice the publicity gold scattered all around you.

Don’t lose hope! You can train your brain to spot newsworthy developments. It just takes a little practice.

Here is a list of questions that you can use to uncover press release topics lurking in your midst:

1. Do you have any upcoming events scheduled? Will you be speaking, exhibiting or hosting a conference, a workshop or a session?

2. Have you or your staffers pitched in to help any charities or volunteer organizations in your industry or your community?

3. Published something lately? Even if it’s on your own website, a guide, an article, a webinar or checklist is worth a mention.

4. Have you been quoted or featured on a blog, at a conference, in a newspaper or magazine?

5. Are you running a contest?

6. Have you or your clients earned an award or recognition from your industry?

7. Have you formed a strategic partnership or alliance that will move your industry forward or better serve your customers?

Now that you’ve warmed up your brain with those seven questions, I know that you can come up with even more to add to this list.

Your fame building assignment:

This week, uncover a newsworthy item about you or your business. Then, write a press release and send it to five media sources that typically cover that type of story. While you’re at it, post your news on the best free press release sites, too.

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