Boost your fame factor with podcast interviews

Podcasts: Boost your fame factor in 30 minutes (without spending a dime)

Want to stand out? Of course you do. When you stand out, more opportunities come your way. Clients, investors and followers come to you, rather than you having to chase them. You have more status and recognition in your industry. When it comes to standing out, there are hundreds of things you could do. From buying magazine…

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Famous in Your Field public speaking tips

Everyone gives the same terrible advice about public speaking–ignore it and do this instead

You are: a budding motivational speaker. an ambitious professional who knows that public speaking will set you apart from all those other people in your industry. a business leader who needs to inspire your team. You’ve probably taken some kind of “Introduction to Delivering Presentations” course. (Maybe more than one!) It might have been your…

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Woman standing on TED stage, face blurred

Always wanted to do a TED Talk? 3 Steps to take today

You’ve heard of TED Talks right? Those things on the internet where famous people like Brene Brown and Jamie Oliver share articulate and inspiring ideas, gain millions of views, and open doors to higher speaking fees, book deals, and fame + fortune? If standing up on that stage has always been a dream of yours…

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Get Picked to Speak book giveaway

Steal this Speaker Proposal Formula (+ win a free book!)

Warning: I’m going hard on a book recommendation here. Seriously, if you have an itch to spread your message, market your practice or be seen as a leader and expert, you need to speak at conferences. It’s the shortcut to becoming famous in your field. But speaking at conferences can be a different animal from…

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One amazing new resource to find conferences for speaking gigs

One of the most common questions I get on this site is, “How do I find places to speak?” It isn’t often that an entirely new resource comes to my attention and makes me want to fangirl like I’m front row at a Beyonce concert. This might be one of those times. And I think…

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Famous in your field: your website's About page is o

Do you own your name on Google?

If you’re like me, you’re kind of a cyber stalker. You meet someone new; you Google their name to see what they’ve done, what connections and common touch points you might have. (No? Just me?) When it comes to your own name, do you know what other people see?  Go ahead. Google your name right…

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Man standing over cityscape, arms spread

Keep Track of the Hottest News in Your Industry

You’ve heard the advice that if you want to be tops in your field, you’re supposed to keep close tabs on everything that’s happening. But, honestly, who has the time to surf the web all day, bouncing from blog to news site and back again? There’s a shortcut that you can use to be “in…

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Easy Fame Booster: LinkedIn Company Status Updates

Have you ever noticed how some celebrities seem to blast from virtual obscurity straight to media darling overnight? Suddenly that celeb’s mug is on all the magazine covers you scan in line at the grocery store, he or she’s a guest on every morning talk show and they’re in two of the top grossing movies…

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How to Create Instant Credibility on Your Website

When someone lands on your website to check out your business and services, how much time do you have to grab their attention and position yourself as the “go to” expert in your field? Not much, you say. How about 9 seconds? Scary, right? At the Content Marketing World conference, the uber-smart Sally Hogshead (yes…

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Famous in your field tip: avoid these 3 mistakes to get more clients

3 tips to get more clients without working more

Need more clients? Here’s a hot tip: stop shopping in your own backyard. A big mistake that many self-employed professionals make is that they spend most or all of their networking time with their colleagues and peers. Coaches sit on the boards of coaching organizations, consultants attend conferences and give presentations to their fellow consultants.…

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