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Famous in Your Field tip: Content Broadcasting Checklist

Famous in Your Field tip: Checklist – 8 ways to broadcast your brilliance online

You’ve slaved away over a brilliant article (created a killer presentation, delivered an awesome webinar, wrote an industry-changing research report, crafted a brain-exploding ebook…)

And sure, you’ve sent it to the clients and prospects on your email/mailing list. But that doesn’t feel like enough play for something you’ve pored over for weeks. So many more people need to experience this slice of brilliance!

Here’s a checklist of ways to broadcast your brilliance online:

1. Press release

Yep, that old workhorse still works. For maximum SEO impact (findability on Google and other search engines) make sure that the release you draft uses key words and phrases as much as possible in the headlines and sub-heads.

Post the press release on your webpage.

2. LinkedIn

Post a status update on LinkedIn with a link to the release or the actual content you’ve created.

Pick a few relevant groups and create a discussion on your topic. You can link to the content you’ve created.

3. Facebook

Post the press release on your Facebook page.

A few days later, create an image representing the content and post it.

Create a few updates with highlights from your content and post those.

4. Email signature

Add a link to the press release or the content itself.

5. Twitter

Create a series of Twitter tweets that include information from your press release or content and link to your website.

6. YouTube

Got video or powerpoint/keynote? Upload them to YouTube. Include a clickable link back to your website, too.

7. Slideshare

Presentations, webinars, ebooks and articles all make great content for Slideshare. More views for you!

8. Blogs

Don’t forget blogs. Do a little research to find relevant sites and comment on posts, linking back to your release or content. (It has to be relevant to the blog post topic though, otherwise your comment will be deleted like a snicker-worthy spam message.)

**If you work in a company, get your staffers to post updates on their LinkedIn, Twitter and email signatures, too!**

Your Fame Boosting Assignment:

This week, dig into your archives. I know that you’ve got something spectacular that hasn’t had enough exposure.

Use this checklist to broadcast your brilliance across the web. There are people who need what you know!



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