Boost your fame factor with podcast interviews

Want to stand out?

Of course you do.

When you stand out, more opportunities come your way.

Clients, investors and followers come to you, rather than you having to chase them.

You have more status and recognition in your industry.

When it comes to standing out, there are hundreds of things you could do. From buying magazine ads to skywriting, there’s an endless stream of ways to make people notice you.

But let’s talk about what works. 

One of the best platforms for attracting attention, sharing your message and standing out as a leader and expert is….podcasts.

Yep, podcasts. This once-geeky medium is now the coolest kid on the block. The biggest stars in entertainment, business and tech are or have launched podcasts.

No matter what industry you’re in, there is a podcast for that. (Usually hundreds. Or thousands.)

What’s making podcasts so darn hot? For one, technology changed over the last few years and now podcasts are accessible to everyone. The rise of smartphones, streaming technology and connected automobiles means that new people are discovering podcasts in droves.

A few big media producers – like NPR with its procedural thriller Serial – have upped the cool factor of podcasts, too.

Celebs and influencers are jumping on the podcast bandwagon because it’s such a powerful way to connect with their audience. From fitness guru Jillian Michaels and comedian Marc Maron, to retail mogul and #girlboss, Sophia Amoruso, errybody’s getting into the game.

Why? There’s something very intimate and powerful about your voice being in your fans’ ears each day or week. It creates a relationship that print can’t match.

If you are a budding leader or expert, you want to be on podcasts.

Here are 5 killer reasons you want to be interviewed on podcasts:

1. It’s targeted.

Unlike say, drive time radio, the local morning news or a newspaper ad, podcast listeners are a targeted audience. They’ve sought out that show, even that episode. The economic value of a highly targeted audience is HUGE when it comes to stretching your marketing dollars and your most finite resource, your time.

2. It builds trust.

Podcast listeners are invested in the show. They know, like and trust the host. And when you’re the guest, a little of that trust is automatically extended to you, too.

3. It leverages authority.

Being featured as a guest is a mark of distinction. It means that the host (or the booker) felt that you had something of value to offer the audience. It puts you in the spotlight and offers social proof that you’re credible.

Plus, every interview expands your Google footprint, forevah! (There’s an interview I did four years ago – with a superfantastic interviewer – that still brings raving fans to my website.)

4. It expands your reach.

You might have built a sizeable network. But when you’re a guest on a podcast, you get access to a whole new audience. One that might decide to follow you, join your network or work with you.

Even if the podcast has a few hundred or few thousand listeners, how long would it take you to reach all those highly targeted people on your own?

5. The time factor.

If you manage to score a spot on your local news morning show, you’ll be on screen for what? Three minutes, if you’re lucky? (A 30-second sound bite is more likely.)

But on a podcast, your moment in the spotlight could stretch to  15 minutes to an hour or more. Just you, baby – not jammed between prank calls and celebrity gossip. That’s an incredible opportunity to share your message and your expertise.

Let me feature one fantastic resource to find podcast interview opportunities:

The iTunes Podcast Directory.

iTunes, Apple’s media marketplace, announced in 2013 that it had reached one billion subscriptions, across 250,000 unique podcasts. (And podcast popularity has been on a hockey stick trajectory since then.)

Hundreds of thousands of podcasts. And most of them need guests to fill the time.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Go to iTunes and search through the categories. iTunes organizes its podcasts across 16 categories, ranging from Business to TV & Film. There’s something for every industry.

iTunes Podcast Directory Categories

  1. Next, you can look at all the podcasts listed in a certain category or search for a specific topic, like “leadership podcast.”Famous in your field: get interviewed on a podcast
  2. When you think you’ve found a podcast who’s audience could benefit from your message, dig further. Look at how long it’s been published, how frequently it’s produced and the topics covered.
  3. Famous in your field: podcast interviewsListen to at least one show to get to know the format, length, the type of questions, how the discussion flows, and so on.
  4. Go to the podcast’s website. Poke around to see if you can submit yourself as a guest. If you can’t find a clearly labeled button or form, reach out using the site’s Contact form.

Make it easy to choose you.

Popular podcasts get hundreds of pitches a week for guest spots. Stand out from the crowd and make selecting you as a guest as easy as possible.

In your pitch:

  • Make it short and concise.
  • Show that you’ve done your homework. Personalize your message with specifics about their show. Mention your favorite episodes or guests.
  • Make your message focused on the value you would bring to the show’s audience.
  • Include links to other interviews you’ve done.
  • Use an online scheduling tool like, or (my fave) to link directly to your calendar and show available time slots. (Doing this prevents all those annoying back and forth emails to schedule an appointment.)

Once you’re booked, prep to give great interview by following these 5 tips:

Being a great guest on one podcast also kick starts the snowball effect. More hosts are likely to book you as a guest because you’re a proven performer. Pretty soon, you’ll dominate those on-demand air waves!

Your fame boosting assignment:

Head over to iTunes this week and find three podcasts that reach your target audience. Listen to the shows and prep your pitch.

Time to give the future a history lesson, A-Listers. You were made to shine.

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