Is your website hot? Does it get visitors coming back for more, over and over again?

Or is it the sad, lonely Cat Lady of websites? (Oh no, I’m not down on cats – I’m kind of a cat freak, myself.)

Part of unraveling the mystery to making your website work hard for you is to understand what visitors see and do when they land on your site. How do you do that?

Heat map it!

A website heat map  is a graphic that uses colors to show where your visitors’ attention goes on our site. Hotter colors indicate where most eyes look first and where they spend the most time.

Here’s what a heat map of Google’s search results page looks like:


So, what can you do with a heat map of your site? Make sure that you’ve placed the most important elements of your site where you’ve got the most heat! Is your email opt in located in the red zone, or is it buried in the dead zone?

Your Fame Building Assignment:

This week, get yourself a heat map of your website. Scan that baby carefully and determine where your visitors are spending your time. Are those “hot areas” lined up with actions you want your visitors to take? Make it happen.


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    Where’s the Heat? Finding the “Hottest” Parts of Your Website

    You can heat map your website! The graphic uses colors to show where your visitors’ attention goes on your site. Find out what you can do with a heat map of your site.

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