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Famous in Your Field tip: speak at industry conferences to raise your expert profile

Speak at industry conferences

Want to boost your profile?

Grab the attention of your target audience, in non-salesy way that
showcases you as the expert they need to make their businesses or lives better?

Jump onto the stage.


Speaking is one of the pillars of becoming Famous in Your Field.  As a marketing tool, you can’t beat it.

Speaking to an audience of ideal prospects lets you shorten your selling cycle – the length of time it takes for a prospect to become aware of you, know what you offer, believe that you’re credible and to hire you.

And speaking at industry conferences can catapult you from unknown wanna-be to must-have business partner in only 90 minutes! It’s so effective because speaking accelerates the “getting to know you” stage, so that you can establish expertise, trust and likeability in one interaction.

Here’s the catch: most professional conferences have a long lead time for speaker selection, so if you want to see your name in the program, you’ve got to start now.

1. Find industry, professional and trade conferences.

  • Subscribe to a conference database. These will allow you to search for events based on industry, location, size and date.
  • Visit sites that list conferences. Here are several:
  • Google search terms that cover your industry AND “conference.”
  • Scan industry trade magazines and their websites. Many will have an Events page in the publication and section on their websites.

2. Keep track with a spreadsheet.

Each conference will have it’s own date, theme, topics covered,  deadlines and process for speaker submissions. To seize these opportunities, you’ll need a tracking system.

In your spreadsheet, include the name of the conference, when it’s taking place, when the speaker submission deadline is, guidelines and protocols for speaking submissions, contact information, conference URL and a bit of background information about each conference.

3. Review and update biweekly or weekly.

Most conferences publish a “Call for Speakers” or “Call for Presentations” six months to one year before the event. These windows to accept speaking proposals may be open for as long as six weeks or as little as two weeks, so check the websites of your coveted events frequently or you’ll miss out!

4. Customize your speaker proposal.

Industry conferences are not events that welcome a canned “talk.” Organizers are looking for topics that fit the theme of the conference and offer new insight.

Most conferences have a strict speaker submission process, although each one is different. Some conferences require a very detailed speaker submission. Others may want a brief abstract with learning objectives.

Creating a top-tier speaking proposal takes work! Be sure to allow yourself enough time to review the event, it’s focus, the speaking requirements and then to craft your masterpiece to meet the guidelines.

Your fame boosting assignment:

If you’re ready to elevate your game, start speaking at industry conferences. This week, make a spreadsheet of ten conferences in your field. Find the websites and record the dates, then keep watch for the Calls for Speakers to open. We’re waiting for you, guru!


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    How to make a name on the national scene

    Speaking at industry conferences can catapult you from unknown wanna-be to must-have business partner in only 90 minutes! Get started now using these four tips.

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