You’ve heard the advice that if you want to be tops in your field, you’re supposed to keep close tabs on everything that’s happening.

But, honestly, who has the time to surf the web all day, bouncing from blog to news site and back again?

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Famous in your field tip: Three ways to use

There’s a shortcut that you can use to be “in the know” without spending your whole day cruising the web.

It’s this nifty free website called

Alltop is a daily collection of all the top stories (get it?) from around the web, categorized by topic.

The homepage of Alltop shows you the five most popular stories of the day, along with the top posts and stories from the web’s most popular sites.

You can also create your own custom Alltop page made of your favorite websites and blogs from the 32,000 information sources they track. They call it a “personal online magazine rack.” Me? I just call it genius.

Here are three ways to put Alltop to work for you:

1. Use it to find interesting articles and other content to share on your social media sites. 

Schedule, share and BOOM! You’re a genius.

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Get famous in your field with AllTop














2. Use it to spark ideas for blog posts, articles and presentation topics. 

Pay special attention to the headlines. You can use those as models for your own work, even when it’s on an entirely different topic.

3. Submit your own blog to

Don’t keep all that juicy content to yourself – set it free for your fans-to-be to find!

AllTop is one of the top 7,000 websites in the world. Get on that, please.

Your fame boosting assignment:

Scoot on over to Skim the hottest stories on the web.

Then, click on the button labeled MyAlltop to create your own custom page. You’ll be on top of the stories that have people buzzing online.

Even better, you’ve got an endless stream of wisdom to use to help your clients, along with blog topics, tweets and Facebook content.

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