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In case you haven’t heard, video is hawwt. YouTube is now six years old and this first grader is only gettin’ more popular by the minute. Three BILLION hits a day, 48 hours of video uploaded per MINUTE.

Yikes, that’s a lot of content.

Solo professionals, consultants and coaches want to share their message and thought leadership via video, but are worried about how they’ll look or sound on video.

Google the phrase “how to make better video” and you’ll get screen after screen of links to articles and blog posts recommending certain equipment, to create story boards, and specific settings for your uploads.

When it comes to making your video engaging, there’s one simple shift that makes all the difference. And this shift also makes creating video less stressful for you (bonus!)

Check out the video below. I’ll talk about the simple shift and why it works:

Your Fame Boosting Assignment:

This week, record a video where you answer one question that you’re often asked by your clients. No scripts allowed though! When you look at the camera lens, picture your friend, colleague or family member and have a natural conversation. You’ll feel the difference when you watch the results.

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