Famous In Your Field

Want to stand out in a sea same ol’ sameness? One of the best ways to become famous in your field is to contribute to the media. Quotes, expert advice and articles all build your brand as a business celebrity.

I’m sharing some of my own media contributions below.

Small Business Trendsetters – What 26 Professionals have done to get Media Attention

Fortune – 7 Signs You’re Working for a Bad Employer

How Experts Earn Extra Podcast – How to Be Famous in Your Field 

National Federation of Independent Business – Six Office Hacks to Work Smarter

Mavens and Moguls – Million Dollar PR Advice

The New Zealand Herald – The Effectiveness of Content Marketing

JTE Marketing Group – Cracking the Personal Brand Code in 3 Easy Steps

Sane Spaces – How to Find Speaking Engagements

The Business Beware Show – The Best Advice I’ve Learned Running My Business

New Zealand Herald – The Power of Content Marketing

The Work at Home Woman – How to Make $1000/month working at home

Cover story on Gabby Bernstein – ASPIRE
Cover story on Lewis Howes – ASPIRE
Profile of Taylor Conroy, founder of Pocket Change Heroes – ASPIRE Aug 12
Profile of Andrew Hewitt, GameChangers – ASPIRE Nov 12
The Critical Element That’s Missing From Your Marketing – ASPIRE Jul 12
The Elevation Group, ASPIRE Jan 13
Derek Halpern of Social Triggers – ASPIRE Jan 13
Speak to Boost Your Business, ASPIRE April 13

Lori Nash Byron being interviewed by Jeannie Spiro, of She’ (Click to listen)

On this call, Lori talks about:

  • The 5 key tools that’ll increase your reach, build your reputation and boost your revenue.
  • What one thing the top 5% of income producing consultants all do.
  • The marketing tool that works for you 24×7, attracting clients while you’re busy doing other stuff.
  • The activity that makes you an ‘instant’ authority.
  • How Bill Gates says he would spend his very last dollar