Famous in your field: your website's About page is one of the most important on your site. Tell us about you!Business owners (especially us small and solo biz owners) try so hard to appear credible to prospects and clients. We write verbose, staid, high falutin’ paragraphs so that we appear “professional.” The sad result is we actually look like corporate clones – colorless, devoid of personality. All in the attempt to appear professional and bigger than we are.


The truth is that your prospects and clients actually choose you because you’re not big and corporate. They’re seeking a credible, personable solution to their problem.

Check out your website, brochures and newsletters. Are they filled with references to “the team,” “our staff,” and phrases like “at xyz, every employee strives to ensure customer satisfaction..?”

That’s not what makes clients choose your company.

They choose you.

Don’t hide your personality, your particular life’s experience. Don’t hide your you-ness.

How can you infuse more of you into your marketing? Start with your website’s About page.

Chances are, it’s one of the most popular pages on your website. Why? Because visitors – potential clients – want to know about your company. Most of all, they want to know who’s behind it.

They want to know about you.

And not some glossy, polished, perfect version. Your prospects want to relate to you and to feel assured that you understand the struggles they’re facing. And that you’re the one who can help them.

Do that. Share your personality, your imperfections, your passions, the challenges you’ve faced and overcome. When prospects read your compelling story, they will be more likely to buy from you. Because you stand out. Because you’re like them – imperfect.

Juice up your website’s About page by weaving the answers to these questions into the narrative.

  • How did you become a [photographer, management consultant, life coach]?
  • What was the defining moment in your life? What challenge did you face?
  • What steps did you take to overcome the challenge?
  • How did that experience make you a betterĀ [photographer, management consultant, life coach]?
  • Why do you continue doing what you do? What drives you?

Your Fame Boosting Assignment:

Boost your relatability factor by injecting more you-ness in your marketing this week. Weave the answers to these questions into your site’s About page.

C’mon, share your amazing with us.


  1. Sheri McNally on March 13, 2015 at 12:15 pm

    I love your writing style. One of the main reasons why I joined your list is because I really felt like you connected to me. I am going to read over my About page this weekend and make sure I sound like the “fun-lovin” person that I want to convey to my website visitors.

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