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Famous in Your Field was built to help professionals and small business owners like you become stars in your industry.

Lori Byron, Famous in Your Field

Lori Byron, Famous in Your Field

Welcome, entrepreneur! My name is Lori Nash Byron and I’m the founder of this website.

If you are an entrepreneur or a business professional who’s tired of being a best-kept secret, wish you could break out of the commodity trap and have your ideal clients seek you out, but you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the different things you’ve heard you should do to market yourself, you came to the right place.

That’s because I love to show how you can build a powerful personal brand and use tools like speaking, publishing and publicity to grow your business and to make it super easy.

Want to know more about me?

Here’s a little story about my background and how I started Famous in Your Field.

I grew up in a tiny little town in rural northern Michigan, surrounded by immediate and extended family. I always loved reading, writing and creating my own detective adventures. To me, being able to uncover clues and figure out the bigger picture is something that still stirs me today.

I earned a degree in writing and communications from the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) in Ann Arbor and loved the area so much that I’ve never left.

My first job after college was working with small businesses to help them increase sales. Seeing firsthand the impact and freedom of entrepreneurship made a powerful impression.

After learning marketing from soup-to-nuts over the course of three marketing director positions in three different industries, I found that what I loved best was making someone a business superstar.

Not some crazy, ego-filled CEO you see being indicted on the nightly news – working with small business owners and solo professionals who have a big vision for the work they’re doing and gifts to share with the world.

Fascinated by human nature and in love with the written word – marketing is obviously the only career for me! And now, I get to make a living doing work that I love. A serious book junkie and relentlessly curious, I combine the best ideas from corporate marketing, PR, consulting, internet marketing, psychology and the entertainment industry to create my signature Famous in Your Field formula.

Overall I’ve racked up 20 years experience in the marketing field where I’ve worked with business owners and professionals to grow their business and stand out as the “go to” person in their industry by securing speaking engagements, publishing articles, getting media coverage and reaching #1 on Google.

At Famous in Your Field, we work with professionals to build a powerful personal brand, become recognized as an expert in their field, and to grow their reach and reputation through media mentions, articles and speaking, as well as how to maximize their time to get the biggest results for their efforts.

Ready to become Famous in Your Field?

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