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Confession time: I’m a control freak.Image of grimacing man, gripping a shopping cart

That’s not shocking; a lot of business owners are. Heck, for some of us (hello gorgeous!) the desire for control is exactly what drove us to strike out on our own.

However, there are times – many, many times – in the growth and life of your business where you have to tell your inner control freak to chill and just accept the results you get.

When it comes to publicity, YOU ARE NOT IN CONTROL.

Scary, right? The media outlet exists to educate, entertain or inform its readers and viewers, not to promote you, your book or your business.

When it comes to publicity, you’ve got to take the good with the bad. But here’s the best part – in nearly every case, the good far outweighs the bad. (Sorry, this doesn’t apply if the publicity is about your recent indictment for fraud.)

Last month, one of my clients had a string of publicity successes. We pitched several topics to metro newspapers and scored two major articles, including one on the front page of the business section, Sunday edition.

Solid gold, right?

Holy cow, YES! But… a couple of extra things came along with the articles that threw the client into a tailspin of worry.

Watch the video to learn why his publicity worries were actually no big deal.

Your fame boosting assignment:

(This one’s super easy!) Relax. Let your inner control freak take a nap and revel in publicity about you or your business. It’s a powerful tool in making you famous in your field.


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