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Chances are there’s a tiny (but mighty) bit of marketing real estate that is not pulling its weight in your business: your business card.

This 2″ x 3.5″ piece of card stock can do some heavy lifting for you. It carries your personal brand and your fame building message where ever you go. It makes promises for you, when you’re not there because it represents you and the results you deliver.

No more slacking! Here are a few ideas to help you make your card WORK for you:

1. Make your business card a reflection of you and your brand.

Don’t be cheap. Don’t use the freebie cards that have the printing company’s name on them. Pony up a few sawbucks to get quality cards, printed on heavier paper stock. Use your signature brand colors and logo. You should feel delighted when you look at your card. It’s a representation of YOU…and you’re pretty awesome, right?

2.  If your goal is to be famous in your field, put the spotlight on your name, not your business name.

Think about it – when you give your business card, the recipient is connecting with you, the individual, not a company. Be sure that your name stands out! (This goes double if your business name leaves people scratching their heads, wondering what you actually do. Strategic Solutions, anyone?)

3. Use ALL your real estate by printing both sides of the card.

Everyone will turn the card over, so why leave the backside blank, when you could generate interest, share a message or an offer? I suggest that professionals have a few questions on the back of their cards that speak to the common concerns or challenges that your ideal client faces. The questions should capture your ideal client’s attention and have them (inwardly) shouting “That’s me! That’s me!”
Here’s what I’ve got on the back of my card:

Tired of being a best-kept secret?
Wish you could break out of the commodity trap?
Need to leverage your time and resources?

(Now, I know that there are some who howl at cards with design on both sides because they like to write notes on the backside of the card. That’s a handy way to track information but keep in mind that in some cultures, writing on a person’s card is a sign of disrespect. You can still make your notes – just carry a packet of tiny sticky notes to scribble your reminders. One more tip for the note writers: please don’t do it in my presence when we’ve just met unless I’ve specifically asked you to provide me with a contact or a recommendation. When I see you writing notes about me, in front of me, it’s a visceral reminder that I’m just another “contact” that you hope to follow up with. I want to feel special, as though you’ll remember me without writing yourself a note. So humor me – wait until my back is turned to write your note.)

4. Give a little something.

Use the real estate on the back of your card to invite people to your free, valuable newsletter, or a get acquainted phone session. Ask them to download your free ebook, audio or report. When you make a free valuable offer, it gives people an opportunity to get to know you and your services.

See how much marketing work that little piece of card stock can perform for you? Work it, baby!

Your fame boosting assignment:

Pull out your business card right now and run through the four suggestions above. Can you add any of them to boost the marketing power of your business card?


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