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Famous in Your Field interview audioHow to Become Famous in Your Field - interview
Click on the audio icon to listen to a recording of Lori Nash Byron being interviewed by Jeannie Spiro, of She'sConfident.com.
  • The 5 key tools that’ll increase your reach, build your reputation and boost your revenue.
  • What one thing the top 5% of income producing consultants all do.
  • The marketing tool that works for you 24×7, attracting clients while you’re busy doing other stuff.
  • The activity that makes you an ‘instant’ authority.
  • How Bill Gates says he would spend his very last dollar

How to Harness the Power of Public Speaking – article

Click on the image on the left to read an article published in Marketer magazine, from the Society for Marketing Professional Services.  You’ll discover how you can use speaking to:

Create and strengthen your expert position.
Build your brand, gaining recognition, visibility and respect.
Increase your influence.