Famous in your field: testimonial tweak that transforms skeptics into believers

Skeptics into believers: tweak your testimonials

Testimonials on your website from raving fans…you’ve got ’em, right? 

If you’re like most professionals, your testimonials probably read something like this:

“I hired Flowers by Suzanne to provide the flowers for my sister’s surprise 50th birthday party and she did a fantastic job! You should definitely hire her.”

That’s a nice testimonial. But here’s the thing. Your readers are likely to skim right past it.

(Think about it  – when you check Amazon reviews on a book and find seven 5 star reviews all gushing and exclamation-pointy, do you buy that jazz?)

How do you make your prospects stop dead in their tracks and read every juicy word of your testimonials (convincing themselves to hire you in the process?)

Go negative.

That’s right. Instead of having your raving fan clients start off by singing your praises, start with an objection.

When your now-delighted client was considering hiring your company or buying your product, what was their worst fear? What were they skeptical about?

Here’s a great question to ask your clients: “What hesitations did you have about hiring a [marketing consultant/web designer/health coach]?

Then you take your client’s skepticism and start the testimonial with it. This technique is super-effective for two reasons:

1. It breaks down your prospect’s defenses.

He or she *expects* you to have effusive, raving testimonials. So, a testimonial that starts “I was concerned about hiring a web designer. I’d had a bad experience before with someone who didn’t listen to me and missed deadlines…” will stop your prospect’s “skim and go” scan dead in her tracks.

She’ll have to read more.

2. It makes your prospects identify with your clients.

Everyone who is considering buying your services or products has some doubts. By putting those doubts front and center in your testimonials, your prospect feel assured that your satisfied clients are real people, just like them.

And because your once-skeptical client is now delighted, chances are your prospect will be, too.

Your fame boosting assignment:

Ask your happy clients what their biggest concerns were about hiring your or buying your products. Then get those objections into your testimonials, front and center. Show how real people, with real fears and concerns, were wowed by working with you! 


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  2. BizSugar.com on June 12, 2014 at 1:02 pm

    Testimonial Tweak that Transforms Skeptics into Believers

    How do you make your prospects stop dead in their tracks and read every juicy word of your testimonials (convincing themselves to hire you in the process)? Go negative.

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