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Forbes, Harvard Business Review and Fast Company have all published recent articles on gratitude as a business strategy.

In Fast Company, Howard Jacobson put it this way:

“Despite all our good intentions and actions, we receive much more flak than gratitude. We are hungry for genuine appreciation and thanks.”

You want to know a specific instance where showing a little gratitude can get you miles ahead?

With media coverage.

When you want to build long term relationships with members of the media like writers, journalists and producers, a little gratitude goes a loooong way.

Think about it from their perspective: the advent of online commenting, Facebook and Twitter means that more people than ever can share their reactions and opinions on stories in the media, in nearly real time. Unfortunately, this means that the feedback flowing to those in media is more negative than positive. (Having to take the time to put pen to paper to write a letter criticizing a story used to keep some of the trolls at bay, but no longer.)

Here’s a stunner: most media pros don’t ever receive any kind of thank you from the experts they interview. And they love it when it happens. You’ve got an opportunity to be different.

If you’ve been mentioned in the media or a reporter has used your tip in a story, show some gratitude! Send a handwritten note immediately after the story airs or is printed, letting the reporter know that you appreciate the opportunity and want to continue the relationship.

Just by taking a couple of minutes, you’ll strengthen your relationship and stand out from the crowd. Pretty cool, hey?

Follow these easy two-steps:

1. Say thank you when you get the first response from a reporter. Show your appreciation for the reporter’s time and interest in your expertise.

2. Then send another “thank you” (via email or really shock ’em with a hand-written note) when the story runs. Now you’re on your way to building a relationship with the media. And who will that reporter turn to the next time he or she needs an expert to quote? Or maybe … it just might lead to your becoming a regular guest or expert for them.

Bonus tip: 

(This comes straight from former TV news producer, Roshanda Pratt.) If you, your products or your business were featured on television or radio, send a delicious treat to show your appreciation. The hardworking peeps who put shows together love a little nosh.

BUT don’t send gifts of any kind to a journalist – it puts them in an awkward situation because journalistic ethics don’t allow it. A simple and sincere, “thank you” is all you need there.

Your fame boosting assignment:

If you’ve gotten any media coverage, say “thank you!” You’ll make a great impression, further your relationship and feel warm and fuzzy inside.


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    Want more media coverage? Show some gratitude

    When you want to build long term relationships with members of the media like writers, journalists and producers, a little gratitude goes a loooong way. Here’s why and how.

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